Tonight: "Drowning On Dry Land"

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Tonight, Grey's Anatomy returns for part two of the three-part drama that began with last week's thrilling "Walk On Water."

Tonight: "Drowning On Dry Land"
In tonight's "Drowning On Dry Land," the doctors frantically search for the missing Meredith - while pondering their own places in the universe.

Meanwhile, a desperate, frantic Izzie decides to take extreme measures to manage the situation she finds herself in. Cristina and Burke have a blow-up fight about their engagement announcement.

Oh, and there's also the rumor going around that one of the doctors will die, or find themselves on the brink of the great beyond in a harrowing near-death experience (both possibilities we address in our death watch).

Yikes! Guest starring Elizabeth Reaser (who we believe is the pregnant Jane Doe), this second of three episodes sounds like another edge-of-your-seat event. Here's ABC's preview of "Drowning On Dry Land" ...


Wow. We're nervous just watching that clip! As always, we'll have our official episode guide posted after the show, and start putting together a list of quotes, image gallery, and music guide. Check back with us often, and thanks as always for watching Grey's Anatomy right along side the Insider!

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they can't kill of meredith...i was so upset last night and now i have to wait a whole week to see what happens. i don't even know what to think...all I know is meredith better be revived next week or i'm going to very upset with the writer's of the show!!!!


I just could not believe what I watched. Meredith just has to live. ( I think we were watching Mer's life in that little girls eyes) she is kind of like that. I think she will live and will be very different not quite so weird. She and Derek will be stronger than ever. I hope and pray this happens. I love this show and can't wait for Thursday but without
Meredith, I will find something else to watch......


and why is it around this time every year Meredith almost dies?


her body temp is 81 degrees...seriously...can you come back from that? Medically- I don't think so T.V-- anything is possible


No mer will not die her and der just got on to the right track and i cried through the whole thing. Der jumped into ice cold water to save her izzy gave a speech and Shonda rhimes just can't kill her. (i'm hoping) I liked when the girl saw her mom and next weeks eposoide is has to do something with mircales. also derek finally knows how much he loves her i think he is the women who had the biggest growth because he knows how much mer is to him and how bad life would be with out her. She will live for him she has to she will she has to she will..... she is going to live she is the main character...........!!!!!!


I hope Meredith doesn't die. I think the show would be hard for me to watch. We watch TV to escape from reality. We want Cinderella and Prince Charming. We don't want Cinderella to die!!!


i think that meredith deserves whatever is coming to her. let's think about it, this would have never happen if she was at the hospital with her mother where she was supposed to be.


I've just watched it... and simply? I'm speechless. I cannot even begin to fathom theories and ideas for next weeks show, and I probably won't bother. Shonda is only going to surprise us yet again.


Yeah, of course she is coimg back! I have always heard the writers say in their podcasts that all of the things that they show happen on GA are actual cases that have researched and found out about. So yeah, what has happened to Meredith is real. I also remember on the podcast something that Shonda says...whatever happens with Mer/Der in these (3) episodes will determine the direction that this couple will go in...Which I am hoping for The best Scenario...A Marriage Proposal! Remember Derreck asking Mer about marriage at the crash scene? I think that really meant something! So yeah, that aren't killing off a main character! Mer will be back and her and Derreck will live happily ever after!!!!!!! Remember Der telling Mer that in the happily ever after the guy is always there??? I think that means something too!!!!!!


People suffering from Stage 3 hypothermia (under 90 degree body temp) typically undergo cardiac arrest and possible clinical death, which is what she had. It is perfectly normal for a person w/ this type of condition to come back and be completely normal, as was said above by Jessie. The low body temp prevents injury. Also, she's not dead until she's warm, it's a rule in medicine.
A/w, I think she's gonna come back. Like I said, what she is experiencing is completely normal. It's not unheard of to have an out of body expericence when you are on the line of life and death like she is. They just have to warm her up fast, keep the epi going, and hope for the best.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.