A Hairy Situation: Elliot Yamin vs. Sanjaya Malakar

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Here's good news for Elliot Yamin: his debut CD hits stores this week. Fans can pick up a copy across the country.

Here's bad news: The American Idol contestant from last season is beginning to look a lot like Sanjaya Malakar.

Although with the number of times he's been in the news lately, along with the number of votes he's been receiving on Idol this year, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.

Either way, take a look at the two crooners below. While Jordin Sparks continues to impress judges on stage with her vocal talents - and Haley Scarnato attracts votes with certain other traits - these two lovable also-rans can still steal a heart or two ...

Elliot and Sanjaya
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I think they are all really talented.. and um. it really doesn't matter who wins at the end. as long as you make top 5. you can't blame american idol that elliot got voted off. becuase ppl are just superficial when it comes to looks. but yea. all of them are really talented to have made the show and gotten that far. I think its better that some of them didn't win because they get better company choices like sony bmg or universal musics


Anyone that doesn't think Katherine or Elliot can't sing are seriously unqualified to be judging talent. Both were extremely gifted with voices! And although I like Taylor, he has style not the voice and shouldn't have won. Of course, this apparently isn't a singing competition or Elliot or Katherine would have won.


What are you talking about Melissa? Katherine was a prissy snob & she cant sing a note for her life. Elliot should have won, without a doubt! he was the most talented and had the biggest heart on that show. anyone who says elliot cant sing needs to get their ears checked. his album is amazing! i love u elliot! keep up the great work!


Are you kidding me? Elliot can't sing and he definitely did not deserve to win, along with Taylor. Katherine or Chris should have won, which is being proven in record sales. And Sanjaya does have the voice and the looks. He just needs to project more and he will be an instant star. How anyone can think Elliot should have won is beyond me? Get real!


Oh, please. You watch Sanjaya perform, and then you watch Elliott's new video. You think they look alike? I read somewhere that Elliott is "all male all the time". He's hot. Sanjaya? He's a little boy.
And compare the voices? Not even remotely. Sanjaya makes little girls cry, but I can tell you that Elliott makes grown women totally lose their minds. Whatever "it" is...he's got it.


Yeaa. I'd have to agree with Ben.! Elliott Could sing, but Sanjaya, honestly, is like a litle kids performer. :[


I like them both. Elliott is much more vocally talented. but Sanyaja is talented more when it comes to the hair. lol.


The difference was that Elliott could actually sing. If he had had the cuteness factor of Sanjaya, he easily could have won. He was clearly a better singer than Taylor. Sanjaya just doesn't have the voice it takes to front a band.