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Katherine Heigl Earns Co-Stars' Praise

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Kate Walsh, Katherine HeiglA week after Katherine Heigl ripped her employers over issues surrounding stalled contract renegotiations, her Grey's Anatomy co-stars are saying they enjoy working with the actress.

"She's a super-talented girl," co-star Kate Walsh told People Sunday at the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment Dreamgirls luncheon in Beverly Hills. "Everyone's just working hard."

As for contract re-negotiations, Walsh, whose character, Addison Montgomery, is the subject of a possible Grey's Anatomy spinoff, said, "I literally just worked with Katherine the other night. We just go to work. I don't know. I don't really get into all the stuff. Everybody is doing their own thing with negotiations."

One of Heigl's other co-stars, Sara Ramirez, says of the actress who plays Dr. Izzie Stevens on the hit ABC show: "She's lovely. Everybody's very professional - not just Katherine - but everybody else too."

"At the end of the day, we all have to be grateful for our jobs. We're working actors, and not only that, we're on a hit show," Ramirez added.

Last week, Heigl's contract negations became public, and she eventually issued a statement criticizing both ABC and Touchstone, saying she was "embarrassed" and had been treated with disrespect.

"I am embarrassed that this has become a public matter and disappointed that Touchstone felt it necessary to divulge private employment information," Heigl said. "I had hoped I would be able to deal with this issue confidentially with my bosses. I dropped out of the renegotiation simply because I wanted to treat myself with the respect I was not getting from them."

Heigl, according to a statement ABC released, is contractually obligated to remain on the highly rated TV show for "several years," and is "an integral part of Grey's Anatomy and its success."

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, who was honored at Sunday's NABFEME luncheon, had no comment.

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I think both Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl are both terrific actresses, and I like the characters they play on Grey's Anatomy. I must say, however, that I don't like the idea of the spinoff for Kate Walsh. It's not that I don't think she's capable of carrying a spinoff; I simply don't like the avenue they've chosen for one.


susy-i dont get why you hate kate walsh!!!!!! she is such a good person and a good role model.


RE: Caption contest: Listen, I don't care how much you beg, you can't be a member of the "Hat Club for Men" if you're not wearing a hat!!


i totally agree with jahnnabananas comment about " stop being so judgemental of the girl and get on with our lives" !!!!!!!! good point!


the whole cast of greys is amazing and the show wouldnt be so popular without all of them. i will totally miss kate walsh if she has a spinoff, but good luck to her!!


good bye walsh. I hope forever. i dislike her a lot.


there was nothing in the report that says it was katherine's people who leaked the story. touchstone's statement also never denied putting it in the press. the article only credited the report to a "well-placed source". how reliable is that? remember patrick dempsey's renegotiation just a few months ago? it also caused quite a stir then. notice any similarity? it may be touchstone who leaked both negotiations to gain some media leverage ("let's make the actress look greedy so we can keep giving her crappy pay"). we are all just reacting to media reports. we may never know what happened and who leaked the story so i think we should just stop being so judgemental of the girl and get on with our lives.


I agree about Kate Walsh. She is pretty classy and I am also a little concerned about her spin off. I will miss her on GA. I also loved that Sara Ramirez said that they were all very professional, not just Katherine, but all of them. I don't quite understand Heigl's embarrassment about the whole contract dispute being public since it was her people who first went to the press about it. ABC was responding to her previous complaints and the report by her management team that she had broken negotiations because she didn't think they were offering her enough money. I'm not a fan, but agree with those who say Izzie is an integral part of the overall chemistry of the show and that every character is necessary. I hope she is able to come to a happy conclusion to her negotiations.


i loveee kate walsh. although im not so sure about her spinoff..


i loveee kate walsh. although im not so sure about her spinoff..

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