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Yeah, yeah. McDreamy, McSteamy. Ho hum.

No offense to the aforementioned characters or actors. But it's nice to see that TV Guide happily objectifies Grey's Anatomy's other hunky star, Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) in its latest "Sexy Issue."

Justin & Kate

In real life, the 36-year-old Chambers (pictured with Grey's Anatomy co-star Kate Walsh) is a kind, dedicated husband to wife Keisha and a father of five children: Isabella, Maya, Kaila, Eva and Jackson.

But none of that makes the somewhat arrogant, sometimes sensitive, always mysterious Alex Karev any less of a sexy marvel.

"When we were over in Italy doing press, women went crazy for him," Kate Walsh told TV Guide. "He was like a Beatle. They just screamed and cried."

Who can blame them? We'll have more on Justin's appearance in TV Guide soon. Interesting that in real life, he, Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey are all happily married and not at all like their characters.

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Um did you guys die or someting?


Carlie- I'm pretty sure that Kate is still dating Dave Annable from Brothers & Sisters.
I don't know about anyone else but I definitely think he's VERY cute.


McKatie--Patrick is wearing a velvet coat on the cover of tv guide.


McMarried for Burke...I likes that!


this has nothing to do with w/e ya'll are talking about but if you go to walmart.com and look up G.A. season disc. if you look at the main characters notice that they forgot about TR. night I would just like to let other G.A. fan's know especially T.R. fans


kate walsh has kissed 3 guys from tv guide's hottest stars, justin , patrick and dave annable


I LOVE the men at Seattle Grace.
McDreamy, Alex, George, McSteamy, the Chief, Burke.. and anone else. I love em. But.. SERIOUSLY? Is Justin Chsmbers wearing a velvet coat?!


For the record.... there are 2 BrightAndShiny's. One is BrightANDShiny and the other is Bright&Shiny... just so y'all know


Hi Rose, Jen, and CM. Love all the McNames for Burke. As long as he is McMarried by the end of this season, I will be really happy. LOL


For me...Burke has to be McSmoooooth (or Mc Smoothie) - he sure looked it in that suit!


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You almost died like men.


I miss my dad.