Taylor Hicks Album Sales in Trouble; Tour Tickets on Sale

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Taylor Hicks has seen better days. Like when he was crowned the winner of American Idol last season.

Taylor on the Mic
Since then, however, the Soul Patrol has been stuck on neutral. With some music industry insiders claiming that Taylor's vocal stylings are too old, his debut album is on track to be the first by an Idol winner to fall short of one million units sold.

The self-titled CD, "Taylor Hicks," stands at 640,000 copies right now. It was released in December. Conversely, fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry has already sold over a million copies of his debut disc.

Moreover, fellow American Idol champs Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard, and Carrie Underwood all fared much better in their first couple months.

An exec from J Records, in an interview with the AP, blames the record's "longer burn" on the fact that the music is "much more adult." We'll keep you updated on Hicks' progress as his tour rocks on.

Fans, meanwhile, can purchase their Taylor Hicks tickets by clicking here.

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Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol... Keep on singing Taylor, we all love you weather your the top seller or not I voted more for you than any other of any season and you still have my vote I saw you in Kansas City concert and will see you again any time your close to my home. I love your music and can't wait for the next cd to be released, just keep em coming.


Taylor is a very talented singer and songwriter. He is very true to his style. All American Idol wants is popstars to win. They keep saying that they want original artists.....but that is a bunch of bull. Look at Chris Daughtry....he isn't original at all.....If you don't do things Clive Davis's way or Simon's, who by the way gets a percentage of the winnings.......you are ignored. Like Taylor getting dropped from his label. Same thing happened to Bo Bice......probably because neither wanted to become "popstars" Taylor will always be #1 in my book.......Its refreshing to see an artist stand up for what he believes and not be a sellout!


Oh, well...I guess some are meant to have substantial career. And others, like Taylor Hicks, are one-hit-wonders. Oh, well. Shit happens!


i think talyor hicks is great and i love him i knew he was going to win the frist time i heard him sing and i think the people at american idol should have done more to push his album forward i mean he won not mcfee and they should do more for him


I am amazed at how well Taylors album did with no single coming out when it was released and without proper support from his label, who did not support his radio play and did not keep his album in the stores for a proper length of time. You would have to ask them their reasons.
People should not forget the thousands of his first two independent albums of almost entirely orignal songs that he sold during this same time period. Taylors a huge talent and hes doing great.


You are doing a wonderful thing here on the Internet. I wish you the very best. Kindest regards.


Taylor Hicks is pretty crap..whOOoa!


It's been clear from the get-go that Taylor was not supported by the American Idol 'machine.' That old buzzard (Clive something-or-other) essentially tells the judges who to 'push' to the audience and that's the direction they go. I have nothing against Jordin Sparks. She's a talented young woman, but she's also a cookie-cutter pop star who sounds like everyone else which is what the show is now promoting. TOB (the old buzzard) basically dissed Taylor during this years finale and fawned over Carrie Underwood to the point that Carrie seemed uncomfortable and commented that it was time to find out who this years IDOL was. It seemed like the Carrie Underwood show. Taylor is unique. He's talented. He's not a 20 something woman who shows ample amounts of breast and legs and that may be the real issue here since they talk all season about being unique but still push and promote artists like Gwen Stefani's, Fergie, etc. Katharine McPhee (aka the DIVA) didn't fair so well either but Clay Aiken (another 2nd placer) has done very well. Daughtry is great but his songs all sound alike. It's ridiculous to think, as one blogger alleged, that a few people bought most of Taylor's album's to artificially increase sales. Who has that kind of money? Why is it so hard to believe that he has fans and his fans are supporting him. The problem is that radio stations cater to a specific demographic that apparently wants all its music to sound like hip-hop pseudo-rap crap. Taylor isn't going to appeal to that crowd. He's also in good company. There was a time when Elvis and other great artists couldn't get played because of industry biases. If he keeps up his grassroots touring and self promotion, he can still make it. If he does, he doesn't need to thank IDOL for anything. All they've done is stand in his way and punish him because America chose him. If he's so without talent, why did he win? Huh, Simon? Huh Clive?


Not sure what is the problem with TH. He is nowhere to be found in any of the Billboard charts (see http://mjsbigblog.com/idols-on... but many of the idols who released CDs before and after him are there. Unfortunately, in spite of winning season five, his vocal range is very limited and, as a singer, he is just average at best. He is, however, a great entertainer and that is why he won idol over much better and talented singers. I guess acting goofy does not sell CDs. His so-called "platinum" album is over 300,000 copies shy of selling one million...and it may never sell that many. By the way, 60O,000-plus CDs sold does not mean that many new fans. My bet is that many of the so-called Soul Pratrolers bough a bunch of copies each just to raise the total sales for their idol. On the bright side, he is much better off than he was before American Idol. Too bad that he, and some other "idols," has spoken in less than favorable terms about the show. That is not the way to thank those who made you a star, I suppose.