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American Idol Look-alike: Clay Aiken and Chucky

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We like Clay Aiken a lot. Who doesn't?

But we couldn't help but notice a certain resemblance to the Chucky doll from those Child's Play movies. We know that Simon Cowell is supposed to be the scary one, but take a look below and let us know if you agree:

Clay, Chucky

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literary completions weep bravery.crude!raters!determination!genially


OMG! WTF!?!?!? That was so NOT funny! Get a life!


Scrawny teenage body. Totally not hot


Show the webcam shot. LOLOLOL!


Astonishing resemblance.
As a side note I hear Cynthia Nixon called Clay. She wants her look back


Not! That was a smart move on your part though. I have noticed you people finally realized how to get someone to read the trash you write. Just add Clay Aikens name somewhere and you get hits. You are so sad.


omg..!..that was dumb and irritating...n not at all funny if u intended it to be so...i understand clay aiken is the only way to get hits to your site...but that was cheap... u r offending billions of people who find him to be very gud looking...n i am one of them...


WTF?????? I intend to agree with Dave!!!


Just say NO to whatever you're smoking.

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