American Idol Photoshop Fun: Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson Get Cozy

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We know contestants grow close on American Idol.

But we somehow doubt Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson are this tight. While the original photo below was taken backstage at Idol, the doctored one has been making the rounds online over the last couple days.

We think it's pretty funny. We also think it would be even better if someone photoshopped Haley Scarnato pictures in a certain way ... if you know what we mean!

Blake and Chris

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see you could soo tell that this was fake. i mean y would blake or chris let anyone take a pic of them like that??? get iver it...THEY'RE NOT GAY!!!


lol i wanna see blake's face when he see it xD were did ya get the pic dude?


i cant believe some one would do this thank god someone did that and it wasnt real chris might be datin alaina alexander


This is brilliant, and i know for a fact that Blake would get a kick out of it. ~MotherNature (blithesome)


Oh my gosh, I love this picture! I about flipped when I first saw it and I'm so glad I discovered it was Photoshopped! Chris and Blake are my favorite contestants, I will cherish this picture forever. Hehe!


This is so gross. Why do people think putting stuff like this together is fun? For whom? Blake is an awesome and incredible talent. He has the most start potential and is most deservedly the winner. The girls are good, but quite ordinary....the kind we always see on Idol. Blake is unique and quite fine!