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The 50th edition of the Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest did not disappoint. As usual, when our fans square off and compete against each other in our weekly entertaining Caption Contest, there's no telling where the replies will take us.

It took us awhile to pick a winner from among the wonderful captions you all submitted. Vicki, Shelby and Mcdreamy's lover almost won the honors this week, but ultimately, we had to go with Kim. Congratulations!

The winning reply appears below the picture. Scroll down the page to review the full list of entries. Good luck again this week and thanks for making us the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web. We hope you enjoy this contest!

This week's Caption Contest image:

George, Alex, Izzie

Izzie: "The Dirty Mistresses Club will now ce called to order. Is everyone present?"
George: "We're missing Meredith and McSteamy."
Alex: "They qualified for the Adulterous Whores Association."
George: "I'm on the wait list for that one."

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Izzie: I am sitting between a man who organizes peanuts and a man wearing thin stripes. Where is my life headed, exactly? I'll have another drink, please...


Joe- you are sooooo hot Izzie- thanks, i know Joe- no, not you, him Random girl, george, alex- wow ps. can someone plz tell me when the season finale is???? thanks


you know... one would think i would STOP drinking.... what? you want a go? Okay!


Izzie (to herself): "I better go home and start baking before this gets out of hand."


Yes I no I look good tonight, I'll look even better later, they'll see


(Looking AT Joe) Yes I no one on each side, don't say a word, and don't call me meredith again thats just creepy


Izzie- Joe can I have another lemon mine fell out


Izzie- Maybe I should just flip a coin and get it over with


Joe I never noticed this but your really hot


Ha ha I hope he's not looking at her boobs because mine are so much better

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