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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest L

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The 50th edition of the Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest did not disappoint. As usual, when our fans square off and compete against each other in our weekly entertaining Caption Contest, there's no telling where the replies will take us.

It took us awhile to pick a winner from among the wonderful captions you all submitted. Vicki, Shelby and Mcdreamy's lover almost won the honors this week, but ultimately, we had to go with Kim. Congratulations!

The winning reply appears below the picture. Scroll down the page to review the full list of entries. Good luck again this week and thanks for making us the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web. We hope you enjoy this contest!

This week's Caption Contest image:

George, Alex, Izzie

Izzie: "The Dirty Mistresses Club will now ce called to order. Is everyone present?"
George: "We're missing Meredith and McSteamy."
Alex: "They qualified for the Adulterous Whores Association."
George: "I'm on the wait list for that one."

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Alex: So, i heard a rumor today about you and George..
Izzie: Do you remember all the other times I've spoken to you about my sex life?
Alex: No..
Izzie: Exactly.


Joe: "No Izzy, two wrongs at the same time do NOT make a right!"


Izzie: Hey, Alex... watchya doin' tonight? Wanna come over? You and I never really get a chance to hang out and it might be kinda fun...
Alex: What are you talking about?
Izzie: Okay, I tried to beat around the bush, but I'm getting straight to the point. I'm horny, drunk, and I'm saying yes. Do you want to sit there looking confused or do you want to literally take off your pants?


Izzie: Yes, okay, George and I did sleep together, but he's not planning on telling Callie, so you have to keep it a secret. She'd go all cage fighter on me! And I know I'm not as little as Meredith, but still..


Alex: First Olivia, then Callie, and now Izzie? Maybe O'Malley men really are studs..
Joe: Okay people, focus. George is NOT dating Izzie Stevens. Right?!


Izzie [to Alex]: Well, how much did George tell you?
Alex: Everything. We bonded over the whole syph experience.
Izzie: Okay, then you know that George and I got really drunk the other night, and we got a little silly. I mean, he performed 'SexyBack' at 3:00 in the morning.
Alex: George sang 'SexyBack'?
Izzie: He didn't tell you that? Um, well then I don't know what to do. I mean, after George and I slept together that night, things got really awkward..
Alex: You slept with George?!
Izzie: He didn't tell you that either?!


Izzie: "Seriously Alex, like I would ever sleep with George!" Thinking to herself, "I can't believe I slept with George."


This isn't a caption, but what episode is this picture from?


Izzie:Joe why do they have to have those stupid boy penies
Joe: i thought you said you liked them
Alex: hey george i just did the mcnasty in the bathroom jealious
George:What im to busy staring at this chicks cheast to care
Joe: Ha you get to clean it now alex


Alex: so when are you gonna sleep with me again?

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Our lives are built on our mistakes as much as our successes.


They say we can repress our memories. I wonder if we're just keeping them safe somewhere because no matter how painful they are, they are our most valuable possessions. They made us who we are.

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