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This week's edition of the Caption Contest, LI, lived up to our expectations and produced a slew of strong and highly amusing replies. The Insider's fun and always-entertaining Caption Contest never ceases to impress, or to make our jobs difficult in picking a winner.

This week's honorable mentions go out to the passive aggressivan, as well as izzie_omalley and McPsyched. But we've chosen Amanda as the winner. As fans of The Devil Wears Prada and Grey's Anatomy, it was a clear choice. Funny caption, too.

The winning reply appears beneath the picture, and you can read the full list of replies we got by scrolling down the page. Thanks to all for playing and making us the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web. Good luck this week!

This week's Caption Contest image:

Addison, Derek and Preston

Derek: "I thought the Devil wore Prada, not pink scrubs."
Addison: "I'll have you know that pink is the new red."

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Addison: Do men in Seattle only sleep with interns because if that's the case, I'm so becoming an intern!


Addison: "I thought we were in season 3?" Burke: "well me too but i guess with all these repeats were in season 2!" Derek: "PLEASE HAVE A NEW EPISODE!! I WILL BE WITH MEREDITH!"


Addison-"Both of you meet me in the closet in 5 minutes and I'll show you what it's like being president of the adulterous whore club."




Addison- "i'm lonlley Derek- "Don't look at me i'm dating the perfect 12 year old." Burke- yeah and i just liive with cristina. Derek- maybe you should try mark, he's the man whore.


Burke: Hey there Dr. Shepherd (to derek) , oh Dr. Sheperd (to Addison)!!!
Addison: Dr. Burke don't you think my McDreamy looks really sexy today.
Dr. Burke: Oh yes... so sexy (sarcastically)
Dr. Burke to Derek: I think we should walk and talk
Derek to Addison: Thanks McHoney, I lovwe you too (sarcastically)


Derek- (singing) Satan in the pink scrubs, pink scrubs. Satan with the pink scrubs on!!


Derek- Hello? Have u ever heard of "Clorox Colors" bleach? Addison- yea, but remember, u got that in the divorce agreement. Derek- oh, so that's why my scrubs are always so rich and colorful. **Thinking- thanks mer!! Addison- yea, and now all my "colored" scrubs are lacking color! Preston- (thinking) "colored"
(not thinking) Was that a RACIAL comment Addison?
I'm leaving. Derek- that was kinda racial... satan addison- men


Burke: With that color on, she won't have a shot at the position. Addie: What if it's God's plan? Derek: So... God wants Satan to be chief?


Addie: So Preston, did you know about the slutty sex your girlfriend's slutty best friend had with my super slutty husband? Burke: She's been drinking. Derek: No, shes been wearing those scrubs.

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