Howard Stern, Joss Stone Mock American Idol

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Howard Stern
Media mogul Howard Stern says he is backing the website in a genuine attempt to break the American Idol regime.

For the last two weeks, Stern has been promoting the site that encourages people to support the worst performer on American Idol. Website voters have selected Sanjaya Malakar as their candidate and turned him into one of the most talked-about Idol contestants ever.

"We're corrupting the entire thing," Stern said on his Sirius Satellite Radio show, the day after Malakar was voted in as one of the top nine finalists. "All of us are routing American Idol. It's so great. The number-one show in television and it's getting ruined."

Stern said he hopes promoting Malakar will destroy the competition and turn the show into a joke.

Meanwhile, Joss Stone turned down the chance to be a guest judge on the show - but is taking the opportunity to mock it.

The British singer admits she was a big fan of the first season of Idol, but the show no longer appeals to her.

"I think if you keep going with it, it's gonna get more and more cheesy... and that's a shame for the artists, because they just want any break."

Stone also questions the credentials of the show's judges.

"There's some great people there, like Randy Jackson... He has every right to judge them. But the rest of them... why are you judging these people?"

What do you think, fans? Agree with these comments at all?

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That's one of the reason's I despise Howard Stern. That's ok though, because I will never have to see him in the afterlife because his elevator is going down.


Thank GOD that SOMEONE is doing SOMETHING to destroy that POS that is "Idol". If I wanted to watch idjits pretend they're superstars, I'd go down to the local bar on karaoke night.


I Love Idol!!! I think Stern needs to get a life, he sucks! These singers are really working and hes making a joke out of it. I think Simon, Randy & Paula when they vote it should count as half of the score & then the rest should be for America to call in. All of the other shows the judges votes count. Its not fair that one "idiot" ruins it, haven't they already tried to get rid of Stern before?!


Howard's TV show? Managed to get cancelled from the E! network despite featuring women in bikinis every night. American Idol? Number One in the ratings every week. Enough said. Joss Stone? Never heard of 'em. I don't even know if it's a man or a woman. Ruben, Clay, Fantasia, Carrie? Heard of them. Again, enough said.


The only reason that Howard Stern is doing this is because his show sucks so bad that he has to ruin it for everyone else. I love american idol. It is fun to watch and gives me enjoyable time with my daughter since she loves it too..


I don't why people want to ruin other peoples fun. I love the show and I wish that Howard wold just leave it alone and let the people vote by phone the way that they are supposed to. I am a big CLAY AIKEN fan, and the things that have been said about him have been downright mean and cruel. He takes it with a grain of salt like a man and goes on. There will never be another Clay Aiken. He's the best thing to come out of American Idol.