Joey McIntyre Comments on Joey Fatone, Kym Johnson

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As a season one contestant on Dancing with the Stars, Joey McIntyre has experience on the grandest celebrity grooving stage of them all.

Therefore, his opinion carries a bit of weight. Here is his take on the current favorite, Joey Fatone, and his dancing teacher, Kym Johnson:

"Joey's giving it his all. [His partner] Kym Johnson has got a real drive. She could be down and out but you'd never know because she's such a trooper. It's good to see her with a good partner. They're really taking things to the next level [on the show]."

Fatone and Johnson

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What stars will be in DWTS 14? It's their show and they can and do define stars any way they want to. This show is great. But, and it's a big BUT, the show is at risk to be caneelcd. Why? Because they have the audience vote count the same as Judges' votes. Such enabled Chaz to defeat Chynna. In season 12 the same thing happened. The majority of watchers want the best dancer to win. Not someone that has a famous mother, father, sister, brother or whatever. They need to change the accounting. If not. say bye-bye to DWTS


GOOOOOO Joey and Kym they are so amazing! They get all of my votes! They are the best, by far. Yeah Apollo & Laila are good, but Joey is the one who's stayed consistant. Apollo was ehhhh ok from weeks 1-4, nobody really paid attention to him. Then after their Samba they became popular. Same with Laila-she is inconsistant: She was good weeks 1 & 2, and weeks 3 & 4 she was not good, and she finally picked it up week 5. Joey, however, has been in the top 3 every week, never scoring below 24 and never getting below an 8. He is and always has been the fan favorite from week 1. If you're not voting for him, you're not being fair!


Joey and Kym ROCK They are gonna WIN WIN WIN this show and stick it to cocky Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke with their 3peat thing!!!!!!!!!