Justin Chambers: Ultimate Family Man

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Justin Chambers may play a mysterious bad boy on TV.

But as we've discussed at length, the actor behind the increasingly complex Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy is nothing like his character in real life.

See the picture below. Justin Chambers and his family were spotted outside of the Hollywood Protestant Church in Los Angeles on Easter Sunday...

Justin Chambers and Family

Justin and wife Keisha are seen here with their five kids, including four daughters: 12-year-old Isabella, nine-year-old twins Maya and Kaila, and seven-year-old Eva. Their youngest offspring is their only son, five-year-old Jackson. Justin and Keisha Chambers, a former model agency booker, have been married for 13 years. Clearly they have their hands full, but are making it work! The rewards are certainly worth it.

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His kids are sooooo gorgeous! lol, such pretty kids he has, he AND HIS WIFE did good!! couldnt make them without her genes, haha


He is Like SO Totallly Hot...Everyone else has a like mcname so i named him mcsexyhot&gorgeous!. WHo cares about his wife he's so....wow


I love these family pictures. He is not the kind of guy you'd think has 5 kids. I was really, really amazed, when I found out.
Thanks for sharing.


yes i think you are right about who the twins are BB. good detective work!


Thanks for the length to the wider picture Kat. Here is a thought. The little girl walking on the outside with her sister has on wedgie shoes with taller heels than the one next to her. The little girl out in front also has on wedgies with heels. The third little girl walking on the inside with her sister has on flat soes. Maybe the twins are the one in front in brown and the one in flat shoes in blue/gray. Maybe Eva is the one in the little white backless shoes with the small heel and the polka dot dress. Regardless they are sure cute girls.


same here LA! thx for the link Kat ;)


Found this pic on another site http://img.photobucket.com/alb... Looks like Bonnie is right. All the kids are in this one. Eva is bigger than the twins but I remember Justin saying in an interview they were tiny! Sooo cute.


I'm so glad Justin is finally getting the notice he deserves. Dr. Karev has been my fave since Season One. His hotness deserves the spotlight. And what a beautiful family he has!


Are you sure, Bonnie? That would make the tallest one the youngest of the daughters. I kind of thought the tall one in front was Isabella, the 12 year old, the two exactly the same height the 9 year old twins, and of course Jackson. I don't think Eva is in the picture. She may be in front of Isabella or behind Justin. They sure are a beautiful family though regardless of who is who. His wife is beautiful.


He has a great looking family. Isabella 12 is the oldest and she is just behind Justin out of sight. I've seen these pictures on another website. Ava is the one in front she's 7. The twins are 9 and their son is 5. The other pictures are good. Nurse Olivia attended the same church and is in a few of the photo's.


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