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Kate Walsh: To Bang or Not to Bang?

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We always think she's bangin' (sorry). But how do you feel about Kate Walsh's new look? The Grey's Anatomy actress (and prospective Private Practice star) usually wears her fiery red hair in long layers (left).

But Walsh turned up at Saturday night's GLAAD Awards with a new look, rocking heavy blunt bangs (right)...

Kate Walsh: To Bang or Not to Bang?

Which Kate Walsh hairstyle to you prefer?

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I really like the bangs. She looked great without, but I just think that it's a really nice change...change is good! :)


LOVE her bangs!!! they look great. to everyone out there who hates them why? they make her look way younger and makes her very cute ^__^ so i say that she should keep them. love it, especially the thickness and fullness of it. also hides her wrinkles. great look katie!


KAAAATE I love you and all but NO BANGS! you look soooo much sexier without them! its the sexy kate walsh we're used to! so dont even think about bangs


I stumbled upon this post by googling for this very type of hairstyle. I have no idea who this person is and I don't find her attractive, but I think the long layers and eye-skimming bangs are a very seductive, mysterious look. Without them she looks, meh, like a goody-goody... boring. Both are better than those choppy, over layered "scene" mullets that are so hip these days.


What does it matter how she wears her hair, she is hideous. I cannot figure out why anyone thinks this woman is attractive. Her facial structure looks like she had a stroke or something. I don't want to get mean or rude, but really!!


Here's the thing.
First of all.
I have a center part and they are not boring, or ugly.
BUT, neither are blunt bangs. I agree they probably shouldn't have made them quite as thick, I love the blunt bang style.
You people have GOT to get over your freakin hold up with blunt bangs.
You people think your unique by putting side swept bangs on everything. well guess what, it's because they are safe.
you are all just scared to step outside the box and are little mini wannabe's of the same person, how many people honestly do you know with side swept bangs. I mean cmon.
yeah, some versions of blunt bangs look like a kid's haircut. but other versions are just stunning.
Btw, all you people who think EVERYONE looks good with side swept bangs should stfu because most of you look like a dumbfuck who cut their hair in their sleep. so seriously I think that SHE should decide what her freakin hair should look like.
p.s she would look terrible with side swept bangs, so get over yourselves clones.


The bangs rock! Way to go Kate!


i LOVE the bangs! they look amazing on her and take about 5 years off.


In that pic the bang are pretty awful but in other picture her bangs are in other ways , which was much better


She´s sooo beatiful but I like her better with no bangs.
Well, I don´t like bangs at all..