Lauren Conrad Discusses Sex Tape Rumors

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On April 5, Lauren Conrad received a shocking phone call.

A friend called to tell her about a report on Perez Hilton dot com claiming Jason Wahler was peddling a tape of them having sex.

"My friend started reading the item to me, and I literally could not breathe," Conrad tells Us Weekly. "I thought she was joking when she started telling me."

Though Perez Hilton says he confirmed the tape's existence with "multiple sources close to Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler," the star of MTV's The Hills denies it.

"Honestly, they videotape my life five days out of the week," said Conrad, who's still in disbelief over the rumor. "I don't need additional footage, you know?"

There is No Tape

We know.

One thing's for sure. Whomever leaked the information doesn't like The Hills.

Either that, or they have a vendetta against Conrad.

Sources close to LC are pointing fingers at her former BFF and roommate, Heidi Montag, and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, who was Conrad's nemesis throughout the second season of The Hills.

The Laguna Beach native notes that Montag, despite their long history, was the one "friend" who didn't reach out to her after news of the alleged sex tape broke.

"This has literally been, like, the worst week ever," she said. "And someone who's supposedly my friend didn't even call or text me."

Nevertheless, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who moved in together on the season 2 finale, were interviewed by Us Weekly and denied any wrongdoing.

"It's sad someone would make up something like that, and even sadder people think we had anything to do with it," said the slimy, sucky Spencer Pratt.

"I feel horrible for Lauren, but I had nothing to do with spreading that false, disgusting rumor," Heidi said, seconding her lame boyfriend's statement.

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hi disagree whit noicole i hate heidi i us to like her but now she got fired and going fake a prencay and allmost whent to jail now thats the kind of girl you are a fan of heidis a loser spencer is a hottie


Heidi and Spencer need to stay off tv.. because the more I watch the two of them, the more it makes me want to see them out in public and bitch slap them both in the face. I hate spencer and I think Heidi would not have made as many mistakes and lost as many friends as she has with out him. I want to spit in his face!


I think Lauren has way more class than Heidi or Spencer will ever have. GO Team Lauren!


I love the hills, and I Lauren and Heidi. I think Heidi just needs to stand up for herself, and maybe open her eyes a little. It's easy to get caught up in things, she's just obviously deceived by Spencer. She was so different before they started getting serious. I mean, i tend to support and trust my bf more than my friends, and i think it's easy to do. I lost my best friend too, but not because my bf is a total jerk. I don't know what Spencer sees in Heidi, he wants to run around and be party with random girls, and have a serious relationship? Somebody needs to hit him with reality.


Well, I think it could be either spencer or jen it obvious spencer is such a jerk he has no respect for women, the way he is always making fun of lauren in front of heidi and she doesnt even put a stop to him


i love heidi too. and i think that she and spencer are misunderstood. i didn't like his persona on the show when i first saw it but now he seems like a different person; so in love! i respect that! i wish nothing but the best for you two. heidi's always had that sweet demeanor. i emailed lc once giving her all of these compliments and not even a thank u back. i understand she's busy but that's just rude!


I disagree 100% with Jessica.Ilove heidi!!!!!


i agree with jessica 100%. I remember reading in a magazine about how heidi wanted to do some modeling and they said somet things were wrong with her and she commeted saying im never going to change myslef....hmm that didnt go over well did it. I think that heidi is a HORRIBLE FRIEND and Spencer is just a faggot! so honestly i dont care what happens to them. I love lauren. Team Conrad




Heidi, your boyfriend is a loser. At least you don't have to worry about someone trying to take him from you b/c he's such a cornball no one (not even the people interviewing you) can stand the two of you. Go take your fake boobs and nose and get a life!