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Preparing For "Private Practice" Pilot

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After Thursday's "Desire," we all saw the previews for next week. It looks like quite the two-part episode brewing. Along similar lines, we happened across this ad in TV Guide for the two-hour Grey's Anatomy special - "The Other Side of This Life (Parts I & II)" an episode that as the pilot for the long-awaited Kate Walsh-led spin-off, Private Practice...

Preparing For "Private Practice" Pilot

It's a cool ad, and appropriate that it features the cast of Grey's Anatomy along side the new stars of Private Practice (including Taye Diggs and Tim Daly), with Addison Montgomery on the verge of a major life change.

Click here for some Private Practice promotional pictures. We're eagerly looking forward to the pilot and to both parts of next week's Grey's Anatomy event. We'll post some longer previews (as well as potential spoilers) as the big day draws nearer.

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    OMG! Everyone should watch the 2 HOUR PREMIRE of Grey's Anatomy! IF you don't then your crazy. I'm so looking forward to MerDer. I hope they stay together and their just SO CUTE!! I love Derek and Meredith. This is going to be the best 1st episode ever! You can so tell.



    does any1 know when it starts??


    I am really looking forward to this new spin off. It looks like a lot of fun and I hope that Grey's will keep pace because I make my schedule around Grey's since i love it so much. I am glad that Addison will get a fresh start.


    What a terrible looking show. Disfunctional L.A. doctors ... ha ha ha. I'm a celebrity author MD, your a psychologist, she's an OB, and he's an herbalist - I know, let's start a practice together and call it something really original ... hmmm, I know, we'll call it Oceanside Health Co-op.


    I loved the new spin off!

    I think that its cute, has a great cast, and Addison totally fits in. I love Kate Walsh as Addison and it was making me sad that I didn't get to see her as much on Grey's Anatomy. Addison's character wasn't happy and its nice to giver her a fresh start

    Bring it on, I say!!


    Overall... loved the crossover episode.

    Favorite point:
    The least-credited, most ubiquitous member of the Grey's Anatomy cast apparently has "acting blood" in the family: who knew the SGH elevator would have such a 'vocal' sibling in another city?

    A small point, I concede... but Shonda is a twisted woman with a twisted brain that writes all the twisted things we love... I suppose it's a sad statement on my life, but: the consistency of the unexpected is welcome!

    My thought on "too much PP in the show..."
    if they had given this much time to a sidebar story for Addison, -and- it hadn't been framed as a "test-pilot," I don't think any of would have minded. The negative reaction some of us might have could be this: so close to the end of "our" Grey's season, they took precious minutes away from Seattle Grace. To me, Well Worth It.

    Love Addison, Love Kate Walsh, Love it all.
    Keep it coming, I say.

    Who knows what could be next? Anyone out there old enough to remember the 1967 sitcom "The Mothers-In-Law?" Maybe we'll see Diahann Carroll and Tsai Chin get -their own- spinoff! ;*)


    I like Addison and hope she comes back to SGH sometimes. I'm really upset about all the time that was spent on the pilot tho...I want my Grey's back! Do a seperate pilot and let the new show stand on it's own. There was entirely tooooo much "Private Practice" and not nearly enough Grey's in this 2 hours and I for one am not happy about it. Donna


    Does anyone know who the actress is that played the pregnant lady with the 3 possible dads?


    Nicole, then shut the hell up and get lost.


    i hateee adison=]

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