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Previews For All-New "Time After Time"

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Finally. Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday night with an all new episode, entitled "Time After Time." In anticipation of this event - the long-awaited end of repeats for the rest of Season 3 - here's a preview and a bonus clip from the episode.

First, the 30-second version, which shows Meredith and Derek questioning their future together, and Cristina resolving to do whatever it takes to fight for her relationship with Preston - despite her past...


Here's an extended, 90-second clip from the episode, in which more of the tension between George and Izzie is revealed.. as is the shocking arrival of Izzie's daughter arrives at Seattle Grace...


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i agree with Bon. The whole Izzie-George thingy ruined everything...there's too much adultery goin on...first with Ellis-Richard 2nd Mer-der then Izzie-George...but then again the show wouldn't be exciting when something like that doesn't happen...whatever the case maybe, i love the show and i'm lookin forward to the Season Finale...


Is it too blunt to ask that Izzie die a horrible death and let Callie and George live happily ever after? Yeah. Didn't think so. Let the flames begin. (I was really hoping they could hire the stunt company that did the "helicopter off the roof" thing on E.R.)


I hope things are going to be ok with Mer/Der. I know the previews really make you think one thing when its really something else and as everyone has been saying, they have been through so much together, surely there won't be anything they can't work through!
Excited about the new episode tonight!


Gray Hair- I think it's virtually impossible for Hannah the paramedic to be Izzie's daughter because Hannah the daughter is only supposed to be around 11 years old.


I'm looking forward to all of Burke and Cristina's scenes, hopfully more happy scenes than angst. However, I can take some angst as long as we can get a memorable happy ending. I hope that this is the last episode for Collin.


The Izzy George thing is just ICKY... I cant stand it, I hope they drop it. that is "soapy". Now George just needs to do it with Christine.. the night before her wedding to Burke.... COME ON .. the show ruined a good thing.. I loved the Izzy George friendship. I think its great when a man and a woman can be best friends, no sex involved.


omg!!! could hanna (izzie's daughter) be cristina ricci???? do u guys remember the episode with the bomb thing? cristina ricci was in that episode as a paramedic. and her name was hanna.


Well, Izzie said that her girl's actual name's Hannah, but she calles her Sarah just on her own. So apparently the girl has always been called Hannah.


remember the episode with the women who was pregnant and izzie was talking to her and showed her the picture of her daughter. she called her by a different name, the adoptive parents must have renamed her hannah.


but meridith and george? somehow i don't feel the chemistry between them...