Sanjaya Malakar Has Carson Daly's Vote

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Carson Daly
Carson Daly admits he's addicted to American Idol – and its surprising breakout star.

"I'm just enjoying it now because of this whole idea that Sanjaya might win," Daly told People magazine Thursday at a party for the five-year anniversary of his show Last Call at Social Hollywood.

Daly is impressed by the style of Sanjaya Malakar more than his singing skills. No real surprise there.

"I think there's a lot of people like me that may not watch it every single week – or have a deep passion for American Idol – but now we're hooked," Daly said, "because of this idea that this guy's got a new haircut every day."

Daly also revealed his strategy for seeing the 17-year-old win it all. Asked if he had voted for Sanjaya, he replied: "No, I haven't, but I plan on it – repeatedly."

We're sure the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Love Hewitt is not alone.

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I agree with Carson Daly,and found myself watching the American Idol show,just for that dynamic kid ,Sanjaya. I found myself doing it again the next season,and again this season,just in hopes that they might have him guest sing and dance.Our family watched the concert,and found him to be the most dynamic part of the cast.


It seems that intelligent,ethical and good mannered men are the ones that fell in love with AM IDOL,because of Sanjaya Malakar.He tugged at we women's hearts too,and we love his singing,dancing,entertainment qualities. Why hasn,t someone given Sanjaya a TV show of his own ??? Hooray for Carson Daly,he recognized Sanjaya's superstar qualities. It seems most of the BIG'S in this industry were all in agreement with this.