Spencer Pratt: The Complete Bio

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Heidi Montag and Pratt
Spencer Pratt.

You either love him or hate him.

Check that. There's no way you love this guy, and if you're like us here at the Scoop, you can barely tolerate him during an episode of The Hills. But nevertheless, we're intrigued by this emerging reality TV star and decided to do some research and learn a little more about him.

After all, having Olympic decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner as his dad and music powerhouse David Foster as his stepfather, the amazing Brody Jenner has dubiously anointed Spencer Pratt as his "manager."

So who the hell is Spencer Pratt? Here's what we know...

-- Similar to the likes of Paris Hilton, the dude is famous strictly by association, yet seems to parlayed that into a rather lucrative career... or at least one that's headed that way.

-- He was first featured in the reality show The Princes of Malibu, which followed the Jenner kids (Brody and his brother, Brandon Jenner) as well as their tag-along buddy, Spencer, as they do nothing all day except occasionally bother David Foster and his superstar clients.

-- He's now on the Laguna Beach spin-off series, The Hills, having weaseled onto the show and into our homes every Monday night by getting into the pants of one of its leading ladies, Heidi Montag. She's hot... even before the fake boobs.

-- Spencer has reportedly been negged from every hot club in Greater L.A., except Area, where girlfriend Heidi pulls stings to get him in. Heidi Montag works (as Hills fans may recall) for Brent Bolthouse, who's the promoter of the venue.

-- Spencer Pratt's father is a famous L.A. dentist. Hey, those guys make a hell of a lot of money.

-- He has a cameo in Kevin Federline's new video. However, we aren't sure which video it is. If you know, please leave us a comment so that we may find the clip on YouTube and post it for all to ridicule enjoy.

-- Spencer's quote-unquote management company, Innovator Management, has about four clients, though it's tough to tell as most of Pratt's "companies" have MySpace pages without any other Web presence.

-- The clients of this "company" are, shockingly, Brody Jenner, Heidi Montag (who is recording an album soon under Spencer's guidance - should be a dandy), David Foster and The Princes of Malibu DVD.

-- Spencer is Vice President of Archangel L.A., a company which appears to make silver jewelry that retails at two stores in Los Angeles. The goods are not yet available for purchase (or look at) online.

-- The reality TV star also has his (slimy) hands in the music biz, working for 143 Records (David Foster's label for Atlantic), and the nebulous Precise Music Group, which has one artist, YaBoy, a rapper on the L.A. underground scene.

-- Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner are both "VPs of 310 Creative," a company that animates Web graphics and designs celebrity websites. Among the "clients" are Nicole Richie, David Foster, Ya Boy, and Korn.

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spencer is not a celeb why on earth is he on this show what a joke they must have been reeeaally hard up for contestants.


Never heard of Heidi or Spencer, and I get PEOPLE magazine. After seeing them would NEVER watch their show. They are Christians? Please bring on octomom.


I totally agree that Spencer is a sociopath I actually find him genuinely scary I beleive hes dangerously controlling.If Heidi were my daughter I would have her kidnapped to get her away from him he is utterly loathsome


To the 52 year old mother..shouldnt you be spending your time elsewhere?


My worst suspicions have been answered, Spencer is a rich kid his dad is a famous dentist, he is awful i dont know how even one person would like him, Never worked for anything i was wondering why has he done on his own, did he go to school, and Brody is a good guy who was raised right despite his relationship to famous people. How Brody is friends with Spencer is probably Brody sees spender like him, rich and ablet to get woman like Brody. That similiarity ends there though, Spencer has no remorse he has used his abitlityies to lie and make up stories then do whatever he wants, and he is very good at it, but not a man you would want to father your kids with or stay married for very long to. Like admiring or wanting Brodies friendship. but inside he is an empty shell. Heidi and Heidi better figure that out, if he cheats on you and then lies then goes back out to drink and have sex, he doesn't care about you Heidi, sometimes though we get so close we lose sight of the truth, this is what is happening, he uses Heidi for whatever, money, fame, then he goes out and behaves as if he is single, because n his mind he is single, Heidi is a means to an end, now the question is how long if ever will Heidi find a new man if ever. I think again she is taken in by his looks and his possible genes so she over looks the stuff, and who knows possibly money if they staying together and fight. Anyways if you making million on pictures without any talent, you doing very well for yourself. I wonders did spoiled spencer do anything on his own like finish college, i mean at leat that part, possibly in a business major os he has a little bit of knowledge of opening up these future ventures. Or is just right time right place. What a slime ball i agree.


The hills would never be the same without Spencer. The reason why he is still on the show is because it needs him. Since when did you guys see a show without an antagonist? Long Live Ugly Spencer!


Erin- "fag" or "gay" is totally a synonym for "stupid". But not for "ugly". It's also works in place for "lame", so quit being so "gay". OK?


spencer u know u need brody so stop fakin u ugly rat


I don't like Spencer, I don't dislike Spencer. Basically speaking, I don't give a damn and I fail to see why much of anyone else should, either. Don't any of you have anything better to do with yourselves other than voyeuristcally watch a bunch of self-proclaimed "celebrities?" To the editors of "realitytvscoop.com": What the heck does "quote-unquote company" mean anyway? "Company?" If you're going to criticize people for being useless in this country, it usually helps to be able to write in grammatical English.


All of you are just jealous because "MY MAN" has a big ding ding, and it's all my. I have been his manager ever since our eyes first met at my styling salon in Bakersfield. He has already promised to help me pay the last installment for tweaking my gender change. (You know how those left testicles present a real problem when they lose their ovarian identity and kind of descend past the labial horizon. Oh pooh!!)