The Hills' Heidi Montag Shows Off New Boob Job, Nose Job

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Just three weeks after getting a rumored boob job and nose job, a smoking hot Heidi Montag put those rumors to rest... and turned heads with her beau, Spencer Pratt, on a Malibu beach.

Personally, we don't know why a cute girl like Heidi had all this work done, as she looked great from the start. But according to Us Weekly, many a beach passerby was impressed by her.

"She looked awesome!" says an onlooker. "She seemed really happy."

We don't see how anyone could be, in the presence of Spencer Pratt. But Heidi Montag has defied conventional wisdom for two years now.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Beverly Hills-based doctor Frank Ryan performed both surgeries. Heidi, 20, always, like, wanted C-cups, and believes a woman should soooo do whatever she wants with her body.

Check out these before and after shots, which clearly show the results of the Heidi Montag boob job / nose job ... 

The Hills… Grow
On the Nose

Oooga. Those are some serious breasts, Heidi. You sure Spencer isn't behind this? And what's with the nose? It's not like it was huge to begin with.

Strange stuff. Though she has not confirmed she had surgery, the star of The Hills admits she has plenty of reasons to be in good spirits.

"I'm in a great place in my life right now," she tells Us Weekly, no doubt confirming fears that Heidi and Spencer are still hot and heavy.

Spencer Pratt, for his part, denies he pushed Heidi to have the surgery, stating, "I would never tell her what to do with her body."

Lauren Conrad, her Hills co-star and former best bud, who has accused Montag and Pratt of fabricating sex tape rumors about her, has not yet commented on Montag's newly ample chest.

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God! omg!!! I just wanna moterboat the heck out of those things!! I like her big boobs. Look at those nipples poke out of her bikini.


I cant tell the diff between old and new nose. I think she is a pretty girl. I think she did the boob job for her self esteem and not some dumb ass guy cuz in the end the guy might not last but the boobs may be there a lot longer. I think she look good and she seems more confident in her new pics. good 4 her, she likes it and thats all that matters.


it's sad, she looked better without either more natural
now she is just another silicone doll


I think she may have gone thru the pain of a nose job for nothing...I seriously can't tell the difference between the 2 photos. As for her boobs-whatever makes you happy! I find them to be ridiculous.


I liked her appearance before... now she looks so generic. Too bad she lacks personality and dates a doofus.


her nose and boobs didnt need fixing, her giant chin does though. and her brain. why would she continue to date that spencer fag


Maybe while she's at it she should get her top lip plumped and her big horse teeth reduced by about half. She's so annoying and Spencer is one of the ugliest guys I have ever seen. He looks like some sort of alien woman.


i think heidi is ugly, she looks better than she did. but she is an ugly person, i mean did she even see the stuff spencer was saying about her in the previous season


i dont think the nose job was nesscesary, but sh looks good eitehr way!


i thought she looked fine before
she looks disproportionate now with her petite shape and her big boobs her nose wasn't even a problem
i bet spencer made her do it