T.R. Knight Opens Up to Access Hollywood

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T.R. Knight Opens Up to Access Hollywood
Months after the Isaiah Washington incident at the Golden Globe Awards, which sparked massive controversy and landed the star in turmoil, everything seems to be going well for the cast of Grey's Anatomy.

Access Hollywood sat down with T.R. Knight, the subject of Isaiah Washington's homophobic remark, for which he later apologized and sought counseling.

With that in mind, reporter Shaun Robinson asked T.R. Knight direct questions about how it's really going behind the scenes.

Saturday evening at the 18th Annual GLAAD Awards in Hollywood, Knight spoke with Robinson exclusively. When asked about how things are on the set of Grey's Anatomy, Knight said:

"We have about 20 days left, not that I'm counting... It's going to be nice to have two months away, you know. I think everyone's looking forward to it."

When Robinson asked if the break from work would finally give Knight time to reflect over the entire season, he replied, "Yeah, to learn from it. Grow. That's the hope; that's my hope."

In talking about whether or not the cast has reached a point of healing and unity, Knight said, "I don't know. We're showing up and doing our work ... There's a lot of work to be done so that's my focus."

When asked how he would work on the process of healing the relationship between he and co-star Washington, Knight said, "I just focus on doing the work. That's my job; that's what I'm paid for; and I think that's enough."

Knight also attributed his upbringing to the way he reacted to the public situation and what he hopes others take from his experience.

"I think a lot of coming from New York to Los Angeles and being on the TV show is, if you're more private, kind of a lot to take in. Growing up, you wanted to just see yourself. When we saw ourselves put in bad light or made fun of, of course, it didn't feel well. Kids growing up see more and more of themselves... I think that has to be a good thing," he said.

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es la mejor serie que pudo existir....felicidades


je suis fans de grey's anatomy et surtou j'adore les acteurs ki joue méredith, derek,bailey,cristina


I was wondering the same thing. I will be so sad. I really like Geroge. I think that it's nobodies bussiness what he and his co-star actors say or do outside of the show. I don't agree with how much this has been exploited, It's quite ridiculous. I don't blame anyone. It just needs to stop both actors obvioulsy have a bit of growing up to do outside of acting. If george leaves the show I dont think ill care to watch it anymore.


Is George being fired ? He is going to another hospital ... 4/26 episode . Anyone know why ?


I agree wholeheartedly with Samantha. I saw the interview in question. The interviewer wanted Mr. Knight to say that everything was now fine on the set. He answered that he was looking forward to the end of the season. What's wrong with that?
Nothing. He answered truthfully. The interviewer kept at it. He was very classy.
From the beginning, if someone else had kept quiet not once but twice, none of this would have happened and reporters could not bring up the subject every opportunity they get.


I've always been a supporter of TR, but he is playing a victim. He was very happy on the red carpet, but yet when he gets on stage and talks to the reporter, he becomes angry and plays a victims. He needs to stop, even his supporters are noticing it. It's becoming so obvious.


In the beginning perhaps, now he seriously needs to shut up. How could I like him last season? He could be a good actor, but as someone else said , I have no respect for him.


He's not playing the victim he gave one interview and answered the questions. He didn't even bring up the incident. He has handled the entire situation with total class.


Can someone shut that guy up pls? SERIOUSLY!! TK will you stop being a baby and grow up. I though you said u are proud of what you are, so what the heck is still the big deal?


I agree too. I so want TR to shut up. He does no good to the show and to himself. Sorry, but I didn't remeber him so eager to speak before October. Only now, that he could take advantages from the slurgate.


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