American Idol Band Show Set to Begin Casting

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During the American Idol results show, Ryan Seacrest pointed out that Barry Gibb said that the four American Idol finalists should perform together as a group.

The metrosexual host's response? He said that was interesting because the producers were actually looking for a band... to be unearthed on a new reality TV show.

American Idol Band Show Set to Begin Casting
Seacrest then played a clip that said the American Idol team was looking for the best undiscovered group in America.

In the clip was an address where bands could send their DVDs and videos. The address was The Band Show Casting, 8391 Beverly Blvd, PMB #464, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

On the official American Idol website there is more information that spells out how the band must have at least two members and include some form of musical instruments.

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Does anyone know the dead line for this contest?
No where on Idol's site or rules does it give this info.


i think thats great to give bands a start.i have a band thats been together about one month we have not taught about sending a tape untill i was told about it we do have a video on my space under still cruisin. it is the first and second we did could use some work on it.thanks for someone checking out unkown bands everyone needs something to go foward on.