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"Didn't We Almost Have it All" Recap, Music, Pictures, Quotes & More

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It's over. For us, Season 3. And for some of the characters we love, parts of their lives we thought we'd never see jeopardized. Suffice it to say, last night's episode, "Didn't We Almost Have it All," was riveting.

Recap all of the evening's action from beginning to end in our exclusive episode guide. Also, we've started working on our image gallery, list of memorable quotes and list of the night's music. If you can help the Insider out with any of the missing lyrics, please let us know!

As always, you can discuss the episode, and all things Grey's Anatomy, in our forum. There's certainly no shortage of things to talk about.

"Didn't We Almost Have it All" Recap, Music, Pictures, Quotes & More

We'll be updating our features more throughout the day, and will continue to keep you apprised on all the latest news from the Grey's Anatomy world throughout the off-season. We've got a lot planned for the site in the time between now and Season 4, and will be sure to keep you updated!

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To end a season like that means 2 things, either Shonda is totally fearless or is too sure of herself which is just too bad, becos you have upset many fans Shonda and i hope you realise that.
Firstly, i hate the idea of lexie even if der is not going to have anything to do with her, simply becos i just dont want another new face on the show and especially not another grey. this also means we will see more of her father and the love he has for her. Secondly people will start comparing her with mer, which i think is not fair at all. The fact that she looks like the kind of person that has too much confidence is another problem. Derek i have to admit after the last epi, has every right to be fed up. I hope they will be able to resolve this issue without bringing a third party into it. Mark deserves to be happy, i am thinking he and izzie will make a good pair. I think george will eventually repeat his internship, its just one year is'nt it? i am also proud of him for sticking with his wife and making an attempt to make their marriage work. I am happy bailey didnt get the chief residence becos at least we will get one person in the show that will still have a healthy marriage. I am guessing she wouldnt have that if she becomes very busy, so the way i see it, the chief did her a big favor. What i dont understand though is callie getting the post, becos she never even had any intern allocated to her, they were all bailey's interns, and does that means she now has the right to order bailey around? I have to admit alex and ava really touched my heart last night,but she is married and the fact that the father of her baby is there would have complicated things even more if she stayed. No matter his reasons for leaving, i still think Burke made a very huge mistake letting christina go, people like her and mer need to be pushed to be able to she what is right in front of them, is he even coming back for season 4 at all? becos working in the same hospital with christina will be very uncomfortable for both of them. Adele seems to like mer, maybe she can be her next fake/surrogate mommy, i am also happy for the chief. I noticed at the begining and end of the epi der was shown walking towards mer on the corridor, what does that mean. I am guessing that is the begining of season 4? lastly, before i rest my case, i am once again going to stress… I HATE THE IDEA OF LEXIE GREY!!! Grrrrr…………


I hate Lexie Grey.




I know I dissagree a lot with the other viewers on the last few episodes, and guess what, I'm gonna do it again. As I've been saying, life isn't always peaches and f*cking cream and I think that's what Shonda is trying to portray in this show. She wants the heartbreak to feel real. And I think people don't like that because they've connected themselves to the characters, and now the heartbreak is affecting us. I don't know about you, but I like that. I like when television rips my heart out again and again and then proceeds to rub salt in the wounds. It makes me feel alive. Okay, maybe when television makes you feel alive, you have a problem, but I don't care. I think this show did some amazing things this season. I didn't just watch this season. I actually felt it. It was painful and raw and it hurt so freaking much and I loved it. It's like Old Yeller. Nobody wants the dog to die, but it has to happen. But the love the boy had for that dog will never die. Okay, maybe that's a bad analogy. Maybe I can't fully describe why I loved this season so that everyone understands. But that's your problem. And if you are so unhappy that you just want to stop watching, then do so. Maybe write your own show where everything is perfect and there's no conflict and therefore no plot so no one will ever be left heartbroken. Don't count on me to watch it then.


Well, Endings a plenty
Burke is gone, George will stay with Callie and once again, Izzie is saddened. Adele and the Cheif are on again , and Bailey was truly left out. Good-Bye Addison, yet part of me feels like her and Mcsteamy will have a miracle. The scene with Alex was priceless, it was all under his nose !! Mer/Der are over, for now..when she said there is No wedding, she may have been referring to Derek..Wow.. Now with the Lexi Grey..what the hey is with that?????hmm


Did anyone else this this episode was awful? It was predictable, lackluster and most of all a LET DOWN. I dont think i want to watch next season at all... Burke, George, and Addison are all gone. Meredith suddenly is this depressed whiney little toothpick that cant talk? Does anyone else think that is frustrating???? And dont try and integrate the next group of interns into the show - the chick from Not Another Teen Movie!?!?! Come On! and ohhhh... her last name is Grey. Spooky! Nice stretch for a long lost sister/cousin/relative. The show Jumped the Shark a while ago and now its going in a whole different direction, and i am not sure i want to follow.


Hey Hafsa cheer up. I know i´m a Mer/Der but i feel for you i do. I´m really worried about Mer/Der. I fwlt so sorry for Derek when he told Meredth she was the love of his life & she said nothing & walked away. But i know she´ll come back because he did.


September, i am still speechless and very angry so no comment!


hey guys, does anyone know when season 4 starts???


Help me please. Who´s the new chief of SG?, Did McDreamy get it & turn it down. The website i watch it on had no sound on that part. Meredith won´t dump McDreamy because she loves him too much. & anyway she may be thinking it hurts when i´m with him. But it hurts even more when i´m not. Besides he´s also the love of her life her true love. In season 2 Derek said to Addison i thought you were the love of my life things change. I believe you can have more the 1 love of your life but you only ever have 1 true love. Call me an old romantic if you like