Ellen DeGeneres Hosts Kate Walsh, Calls ABC President About Spinoff

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Looks like Dr. Addison Montgomery won't have to deal with non-commital men (or Meredith Grey's whining) much longer.

Kate Walsh's controversial Grey's Anatomy spinoff's future was all but confirmed yesterday, thanks to an unexpected investigator.

In-your-face interrogation tactics by Ellen Degeneres, who hosted Walsh on her talk show, helped shed light on the outlook for Private Practice.

Not content with waiting for next week's announcement of ABC's fall lineup, Ellen made a surprise phone call to ABC President Steve McPherson during a taping of her show yesterday, and out asked flat-out if Kate Walsh's much-discussed project will be officially green-lit for a full season.

A visibly embarassed Walsh watched in subdued horror.

Walsh and DeGeneres

The ABC honcho strung her along for a bit, quipping that Walsh "hasn't worked out very well on the air for us," then he let it slip that he "thinks she's in pretty good shape."

We don't think he was talking about her physical fitness, either. This is good news for Kate, whose spinoff was previewed last week in "The Other Side of This Life," even if the experience was a tad awkward.

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exactly Chloe... a new show, fresh faces.. not more MERDER DRAMA >>> CANT WAIT .. I loved all the charaters. LOVE LOVE LOVE TIM DALY .. so hot


I agree with Carol. Two or three more years of Grey's and it's done. It really hasn't been good since the first and second season. As for the spin-off, congrats to Kate but I don't know if I'll be watching it. She should just finish her story on Grey's(if she has anything left to tell) and then do some movies. As for Mr. Patrick, if he really did make those comments about Shonda's vision for the show then he should just bow at like George Clooney did with E.R or give Shonda some suggestions on how to improve his chacater and the show.


I think they should have done two seperate episodes last week, because I liked the new show but I felt like it was weird going back & forth. And I don't think we got enough Grey's time!!!


I enjoyed the spin-off parts more than Greys last week & Kate Walsh is a fantastic leading lady. All power to the spin-off !! With Addison leaving I can now ditch Greys. Yay !


I won't stop watching Grey's Anatomy, but--I feel more than ever that Grey's won't be a long-running show like 'ER' or 'Law and Order'. I think two or three more years on the air, and that'll be it. Shonda was ok as a producer/writer at first, but I think her obsessive grip on the show--not allowing any actor to have a say in the character's direction--will be the death of the show. Patrick Dempsey had made some very subtle remarks some months back about Shonda Rimes' 'vision' for Grey's and he alluded that he did not agree with it. Probably the other actors don't either. Most shows after a while, allow the actors to have a say about their lines, what the character would do, etc. They are, after all, supposed to know their characters as well as the writers do. As for 'Private Practice' I thought it was crap and I won't watch it.


I'm happy that Kate has having her own show.
Addison is my favorite character in Grey's, and it's due to Kate's performance. Go Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


goodbye addison!


After last week, and the news of what is to come, I am done with the show. I am tired of being strung along by a show where the writers don't respect their characters or their audience.


I personally would not watch the show


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