Grey's Season 3 DVD: Seriously Extended

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The Insider has learned that the forthcoming DVD release of Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy has been subtitled "Seriously Extended," and has already placed a pre-order page up for the pending set.

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 DVD
The tentative release date for the Season 3 DVD is September 11.

As far as what "seriously extended" means, that's anyone's guess for now. A number of bonus features are likely to be included along with the 25 episodes in their entirety.

The subtitle for the DVD set may just be funny marketing, but it could be an indication of not only deleted scenes, but extended episodes.

This is not a consideration for Grey's Anatomy alone. There have been rumors that some top current shows may receive extended air times on DVD sets.

However, such a move could mean altering the narrative of the episodes, a huge detractor for some, and enough of a reason to shelve the idea until now at least. So who knows.

Word is, though, that as soon as the DVD set hit pre-order status, Grey's Anatomy fans started reaching for their credit cards in hordes.

Season three of Grey's Anatomy was at times apocalyptic for the series' "dramedy" landscape. On top of some of the more memorable moments in the show's brief history, the third campaign was a season that began with a predictable dramatic angle, but ended in interpersonal disarray.

This Grey's Anatomy set will undoubtedly be jam packed with plenty of the traditional DVD extras fans have come to love, like deleted scenes, gag reels, commentaries, and behind the scenes footage.

Again, the Grey's Anatomy "Seriously Extended" complete third season DVD box set is scheduled to be released September 11, 2007. Grey's Anatomy's fourth season will begin shortly thereafter.

You'll be able to buy the item through the Insider once it becomes available. For now, you can buy Season One or Season Two if you haven't yet!

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Marko, I hope you're right. I am so tired of having to read the blog or listen to the podcast to 'get' the show....of course, some of that is attributable to the lousy, lazy writing of late...but I think you've got a good point about the content being squeezed to fit the allotted time... Hey - has anyone heard if / when a S3 soundtrack is coming out? Doesn't the soundtrack usually come out before the dvd? I haven't seen a pre-release on it yet. At least I liked the music from S3!


Idea if Shonda could get a sponser to put in more money like ABC News did it would mean less commercials. Personally I would like more show than commercials. Another idea is it could be the first to become a 90 minute show instead of a 60 minute one. That would also mean more commercials which I think there are to many now as it is.


Wasn't the time limit one of the reasons for Shonda cutting back on some characters? It became increasingly difficult to write for that many characters and keep the show under an hour.


If you watch the second half of the season, its obviously missing gross amounts of content. I'm not surprised given ABC allotting 1h 15m to the show to start off the season and Shonda's past inability to cut things down to 42 minutes. I'm hoping this will fill in the blanks and make season 3 much more enjoyable.


I know I can't wait. Only 103 day's and counting. Also if season 4 stay's on the same schedual it's only 112 days until the season premiere.


Seriously i cant wait! seriously! seriously! seriously! If you are really excited say seriously! LOL! seriously!


LOL!! it seems Shonda and co knows just what our weakness is. Ha!


My birthday is a the day after the dvd release so I know what I am going to be asking friends and family.

Avatar that's the preorder page for amazon!


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