New Heidi Montag Bikini Photos (With Spencer Pratt, Sadly)

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We don't want to come out and say that these Heidi Montag pictures - in which she prances around on a California beach in a bikini with her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt - are staged. But they so are.

Come on. Playing in the surf? Fake fighting? Making out? Showing off that new boob job from every conceivable angle? Clearly, The Hills star craves attention - and will go to great lengths to get it.

Not quite as far as Jennifer Toof. But give it time.

Seriously, though, they are practically standing there, smiling for a damn camera. The Scoop staff wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Cool himself, Spencer Pratt, paid a photographer to show up.

Other activities featured in this candid photo shoot included water gun fights, racquetball, chasing, splashing, canoodling, putting on sunblock, making out, Spencer ogling Heidi Montag, and more.

For more on the waste of oxygen that is Spencer Pratt, check out this bio. Here are the Heidi Montag photos in question (click to enlarge):

Heidi Montag Bikini Pic
Oh, What Fun!
Fake Boobs and Staged Photos
Look at Those Things
Look, What a Happy Couple
A Bad Actress
Cries For Attention

Yeah, yeah. You're so cute, guys. We get it... and we aren't interested. No thanks. Just give us Lauren Conrad any day!

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heidi is so fake, her hair, her boobs, he nose, her eyecolor, her tan everything about this girl is fake so i guess its good shes with the most fake and biggest asshole on the planet. Good luck to the happy couple :] go ahead and wuin somone elses life.


yall are sick.
i hate yall both
and i think that yall should break up.
lauren is way better lookin than you heidi and brody is cuter than spencer..
yall are jus an UGLY couple.


Real celebs do not have to pose and take their own pics to get noticed. Heidi and Spencer are young and pathetic. Does he even work? They never show him having a job on The Hills. I know the show is mostly fake ,but Heidi is a sell out!!! She is one of those insecure, co-dependent gals ( even her family has conveyed this many of times!) that back stab and never can be a trusted friend. Reality TV or not! She was way better befoer she met Spencer. Wake up Heidi stop trying to keep up with the Jones's and get a personality yours sucks!. It will sell much better than you holier than though attitude.


Like OMG OMG OMG... Like you guys are like so retarded, like posting comments, about like how Heidi and Spencer are like so stupid... who cares? They are celebrities, they put their lives out there... let them live them. Who cares what Heidi did to Lauren, do you know them? Unless you do, you should have nothing to say about the matter. THESE PEOPLE ARE ON TELEVISION BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE!! THEY WANT ATTENTION! It's their lives, not yours, so let them be... dur.


heidi your are an awseome girl, and you dont diserve i guy like spencer. you can do way better than him. i wish you and lauren can be friends. i dont really think you know what you did wrong but if you do you need to say sorry and move on. yall are both great and i hate to see a friendship apart.


i know we dont know what goes on behind closed doors, but from the "rumors" and the show, heidi seems like a total bitch! again, i don't know this because i dont know them but still, come on! that was so mean when she saw lauren and jason and said "hmm i wonder if they're back in the movie industry". i love the hills and i hope everybody gets what they deserve, good or bad.


Oh my gosh, you people on here making comments are really strange... quit being HATERS!!! I am happy for Heidi and Spencer, I hope they get married someday. And the photos are beautiful... Yeah life can really be like that on the beach, Mollie( you obviously wouldn't know cause you havent experienced it). And another thing I think its funny how some people on here act like they know Heidi and Spencer personally.. GROW UP AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIVES AND QUIT WORRYING ABOUT PEOPLE THAT HAVE MADE THERE LIVES FAMOUS.


Spencer is the biggest loser i have ever seen!!! his face reminds me of one of those dummies at a ventriloquist uses to talk with!!! i'm sure he told Heidi to get implants so she could look more like one of those "playmates" that he WISHES he could hook up with. WHAT LOSERS THEY BOTH ARE!!!!


Spencer is probly the worst boyfroend in the world. I bet Heidi and his relashonship wont last a year. He to much of a player. The only word that describes thir relashonship is EWWWWWWW.


I hate Heidi after what she did to Lauren. She treated her like garbadge and it was not right AT ALL. Lauren Conrad is better of without Heidi and Spencer.