Introducing Scott Krippayne and Jeff Peabody, American Idol Songwriting Winners

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On Tuesday night's performance show, Jordin Sparks got all choked up while singing "This Is My Now," the song she will record if she wins American Idol.

The touching song was written by Seattle songwriters Scott Krippayne and Jeff Peabody, the winners of American Idol's first-ever songwriting competition.

According to FOX, Scott is a professional songwriter and Jeff is a full-time pastor. The writing team won the competition after 25,000 submissions and more than 500,000 votes.

For winning the contest, they earned a publishing deal with 19 Entertainment.

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yeah, so what..its TV...i wanna hear my song on the show


That makes sense. I totally agree with what Dan just said.


No, no, no! Listen everyone - they are not choosing which performances we see. Why would they make such an obvious mistake if that were true. When they do the recaps at the end of the performances (let's look at those numbers again, Ryan says), what you see is sometimes a string of edits from the rehearsals before the broadcast. The editors simply don't have time to splice together clips from the last few numbers, so they have to use stuff from rehearsals. The truth is that Jordin did cry during the show, but not during rehearsal. They used her rehearsal clip during the review at the end of Tues. night's show, OK?


Yeah, I noticed the replay snips were different from what's seen on TV. I often wondered about that. I'm still confused. Not live? There are additional performances?


i seen your blog and like to link exchange with you


AMERICAN IDOL FRAUD (AI is NOT Live) You write that Jordan cried at the end of her performance of This Is My Now. She did indeed. Now go back and look at the snips of that performance shown at the end of the show. PRESTO CHANGE-O! NO MORE TEARS. For those of you who recorded last night's show, replay it watching more closely. At the end of the show there are snips of Jordan's and Blake's performances. The snips are from ADDITIONAL performances of their songs. Live! MY BUTT. It's obvious the producers picked witch performances they let the TV audience see. This WREAKS of vote rigging fraud.