Isaiah Washington, Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl, Ellen Pompeo On Set

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Grey's Anatomy stars Katherine Heigl, Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, and Isaiah Washington take a break from filming their hit TV medical drama on Monday in Hollywood.

Patrick and Ellen Pompeo were filming a wedding scene (looking terrific in the process, we might add) - presumably that of Burke and Cristina.

Meanwhile, Katherine Heigl took a break (and food back to her trailer), as Ellen chatted with Patrick, and Isaiah Washington smoked a big cigar.

Perhaps that's a good sign the wedding goes off without a hitch!

The season finale airs Thursday, May 17. As for this week, it's the two-hour event, "The Other Side of This Life," that doubles as the pilot for the Kate Walsh-led spin-off, tentatively titled Private Practice.

Isaiah Washington, Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl, Ellen Pompeo On Set
Break Time
Isaiah Gets Ready
Washington Celebrates!?

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Because in an episode description it says that burke is having doubts thats why!


Ritchie, why is it clear that one of them will storm out? It would be so completely out of character for either of them. Burke has never backed away from Cristina and Cristina said she is sticking and in it for the long haul. What signs are you seeing that this couple is at the end? He proposed and she said, "Yeah", and they are engaged. How is that a sign of an impending end? It seems to me Derek and Meredith are in a much more precarious position, although I don't believe for a minute Shonda will ever completely break this two up, they might have a cooling off period over the summer hiatus. Callie and George are clearly on the cusp of breaking up as the writers try to convince us that George and Izzie are meant for each other. I don't buy it at all. Maybe it is George and Izzie that will break up. I do admit the title doesn't sound good, but if you listen to the words to that song and not just the title it is pretty hopeful. I am hoping that the title is there to build suspense, but at this point the biggest twist would be if they got married.


I love all the wedding pics from the different websites. Sounds as if they are still filming this week.
I hope Cristina and Burke do get married, but not sure. Maybe there are alot of things being said to throw everybody off by doubting that there will be a wedding. It keeps everybody wondering if it will happen or not. Naturally, if they don't get married that would be huge and alittle unexpected. but if Mer/Der got married instead...that would definately be unexpected too! Whatever happens you know will be big! With Mer/Der being my favorite couple, I just hope they are togehter and happy and working on all of their issues by season end! If Der were to propose or they get married, that would be WONDERFUL! Never hurts to wish!


What about Christina storming out of the church at the end of the season and then in next season they're still together and finally marry the way Christina wants (small, without such a dress (and moskito net ;-)),...)? That would be the big cliffhanger - this time for the Burke/Christina fans , but they'll become satisfied next season.


It's nota a soap. Meredith and Derek won't get married this finale. We could get a failed wedding-aka Burktina. (and however breaking up such a great couple is a damage tothe show)


burkrina won´t get married. I hope McDreamy will pop the question to Meredith she´ll say yes & they´s get married instead. I hope because mer/der are perfect for each other & SO MENT TO BE.


Maybe nobody said it clearly, but it's a matter of fact that these two will break up and not get married,
the cast is really beautiful.The wedding is only a way to dress them up, but there is no chance Burktina ties the knot. I love them and IW is my favorite actor, but I am hopeless that he will stay. :(


Jusat to clarify, I have my doubts (I think it won't happen) about the wedding, but the only source is NE. Ausiello said that some of what NE said is true and some not, Kristin talked about a supersecret scene. The words "make it to the church" is a way to say that there will be the ceremony, they don't know the outcome. Nothing more, but I am worried they will have issues. Or iW leaves, especially for the title. it seems so Bang


I hope they get married they're the best couple on the show. I won't believe Isiaha is leaving unitl it actually happens. Patick and Ellen are so cute and Patick and Isiaha look hot in their tuxes.


Bang so aren't getting married and i think IW may be leaving, but im not sure, and no i didn't get that from the NE i got it from other more reliable sources like ausiello, all it says is they get to the alter, not that they get married. Im sure if they do that'd be reported so i dont think Bang will be getting married!! EP and PD look so cute and he's being so sweet to her, i love them adn their friendship. It seems like they're good friends!


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