Isaiah Washington to Appear in Public Service Announcements For Gay Groups

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Isaiah Washington, who came under fire late last year (and again early this year) after using an anti-gay slur, will be appearing in public service announcements on behalf of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.

Isaiah Washington to Appear in Public Service Announcements For Gay Groups
"We're gonna have... I want to say at least two different versions of it at this point. We may broaden our message a little," the actor's publicist, Howard Bragman, told The Associated Press.

Washington ignited controversy at the Golden Globe Awards in January after he used an anti-gay slur during a press conference... while denying he'd used it against Grey's Anatomy castmate T.R. Knight in the past.

People reported last October that Washington had allegedly used the slur during an on-set dustup with co-star Patrick Dempsey.

T.R. Knight said soon after the incident that he was gay.

After being criticized by GLAAD, a gay and lesbian advocacy group, and the ABC network, Washington issued an apology and sought counseling.

Bragman said ABC, which is owned by The Walt Disney Co., was planning to shoot the ad in the next few weeks. He also said that Isaiah Washington plans to return to Grey's Anatomy next year.

"We've heard nothing to the contrary, and we have no plans to the contrary," Bragman said.

The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network seeks to ensure that schools safely accommodate students of all sexual orientations.

It's an important gesture from Washington, who has long prided himself on charitable work and contributions to various causes.

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I agree with everyone. The press really needs to shut up! It was a mistake on Isaiah's part...everyone makes mistakes so just shut up already!! Is he really going to be back for Season 4? I sure hope so! I love Burke's character. He & Cristina need to get back together & get married!


This takes a lot of courage on his part and I am proud to be his fan. He has to know that by associating in any way with the gay community he will once again be the brunt of nasty statements like the one posted in this thread. According to the representative from GLAAD that met with Isaiah, he was sincere in his regret about the incident. He is such a gentleman in so many situations. I cannot for a minute believe that this was not a mistake that he honestly regrets. Bragman, his publicist is a gay man and he has nothing but praise for him and became his publicist after the Golden Globes when the media circus was at its peak. In another article Bragman talks about the difference between Tim Hardaway and Isaiah by saying that he believes that in Isaiah's case it was a lapse in judgment and an honest mistake but that no malice was intended and that this incident did not represent any underlying disregard for gay people. So, although he will be criticized no matter what he does by some who feel that they know what is in his heart better than those who actually have talked with him and know him well, to me he is following through with what he promised in his apology and that was to do what he could to turn around negative images of gay men and women. Good for you Isaiah. You are a man of your word. I was thrilled to hear he would be back in season four.


I guess calling him an idiot makes things alright. He called a name and your calling a name is one any better than the other. Where does one cross the line that makes any name calling alright.


Well the idiot is only doing this to keep his job. But that's good I like Burke. But seriously how many press releases do we need from this guy. Just shut up already.


I LOVE Burke and am so glad GA stuck with him. The press made too much of an issue of the slur thing--I'm sure it was a mistake that he very much regrets so people, please, let's move on.
Grey's has become so pathetic this season as far as storyline, the only two characters I can still stand are Christina and Burke. Everyone else must have been sipping the crazy juice.


Good job!! This shows again that it was only a mistake. Now, move on really! Glad that he stays, without him, GA wouldn't be GA.

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