Kate Walsh to Officially Enter Her Own Private Practice Next Fall

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Kate Walsh to Officially Enter Her Own Private Practice Next Fall
Spin-offs don't always work, and the May 3 debut wasn't perfect. But in this case, ABC liked what it saw enough to take a shot.

The network is hoping that Kate Walsh will serve as its secret weapon next fall, and officially chose to pick up the Walsh-led Grey's Anatomy spin-off, currently entitled Private Practice, for next season.

In addition to Walsh's character, Addison Montgomery, the new show stars Taye Diggs, Tim Daly, Paul Adelstein, Chris Lowell, Merrin Dungey and Amy Brenneman.

While this certainly simplifies the race for a chief at Seattle Grace (not to mention a number of love lives), many Grey's fans would rather see Addison continue her ongoing Anatomy lesson with Dr. Alex Karev.

Then again, according to our exclusive poll, at least 50 percent of respondents either liked or loved what they saw of the spin-off as it debuted as part of "The Other Side of This Life."

Congratulations to Kate. We'll miss you on Grey's Anatomy, but we'll be watching your new venture and wishing you the best!

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Incredible site!


Perfect work!




yep it will be on wednesdays 9/8 c


Oh no. I am happy for Kate, but I am agreeing with chikritolni. I think that Private Practice will be a hit, but still, I can't believe she's leaving Grey's Anatomy! And to answer your question, ChooseCallie, I think it will be in Wednesday, but I'm not sure.


i have mixed feelings for this...im so happy for kate walsh but i am sad for her character in grey's...she's the only female attendee and now that she's gone...what about her and mark, what about her friendship with callie...


any idea what day of the week it will be on? I know that October Road is still scheduled for the time slot following Grey's...


While I am happy for her new challange of her own show, I will miss her on Greys and I am one that would love to see her continue the anatomy lesson with Alex.

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