Mr. Boston Speaks on Flavor of Love Girl, Pumkin

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Ever wonder what became of suitors from I Love New York that got the boot before the season finale? No?

Well, we're gonna tell you anyway: Mr. Boston went on to date a former Flavor of Love contestant and a current member of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School. That's a big shock, we know.

Mr. Boston and Pumkin

But DC Livers of Black Press Radio spoke to Mr. Boston about his time on I Love New York and his relationship afterwards with Pumkin. While the two are no longer dating, here are a few facts Mr. Boston relayed about himself and this oddly named ho bag:

  • Pumkin is into threesomes*
  • Pumkin knows what she's doing in be
  • Mr. Boston has a "mild case of OCD
  • Mr. Boston is seeing a hypnotist to help him stop picking his nose
  • Mr. Boston is well endowed
  • Tiffany Pollard gave Whiteboy her number
  • Whiteboy got punched out the night before the Reunion Show*

The asterisk (*) indicates things that may or may not be true. But Mr. Boston assumes them be the case.

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Pumkin is a ugly,nasty ass whore. who in their right mind would date the filthy hoe in the first place. I wish New York would belt her head in!!


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wow i can't believe that i think they should haved still went out they haved made a good couple awwww!


HAHAHA! xD She's a Bitch! xD