Patrick Dempsey On the Set of His New Movie, "Made of Honor"

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On Wednesday, Patrick Dempsey, a.k.a. Derek Shepherd, checked out of Seattle Grace temporarily to film his forthcoming romantic comedy, Made of Honor, on a Los Angeles movie set.

Made of Honor tells the story of a guy in love with an engaged woman tries to win her over after she asks him to be her maid of honor.

Patrick Dempsey, who will drive the pace car at this month's Indianapolis 500, strolled between his trailer and the film set with a cup of coffee and shot scenes with his co-stars (a couple of lucky females).

Patrick Dempsey On the Set of His New Movie, "Made of Honor"
Patrick Dempsey is
Patrick Dempsey On the Set of His New Movie, "Made of Honor" 1
Patrick Dempsey on the set of

Click to enlarge these pictures of Patrick on the set. Looks like Dempsey sure is McDreamy both on and off the Grey's Anatomy set - not that we're new here. He was named one of the world's most beautiful, after all.

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I think he looks grumpy.....hunky, but grumpy. Ausiello said he was almost completely gray...s'ok with me, I think men with gray hair are sexy too. and yes, I'd love to see them in a movie together....but wouldn't it be hard to see them as anything but Derek and Meredith? lol


I know, y'all! I had the same feeling! It was like, "Stop! You're in love with Meredith remember?!" His hair does look different though. I think that it's a combonation of the gray hair and it looks like it's parted differently or something. But, gray works on him!


actually superstar ur right. the picture on the left does make it looks like he has a lot of grey hair. In people magazine he did say that grey's were coming in but that he was okay with it.


Its so funny whenever i see him on a movie set with another girl im like STOP cheating on meredith/ellen, lol!! I do hope they do a movie together some day, i know i'd see it!


He does look different and it may be the gray hair is really starting to show. I wish him and Ellen could do a movie together. It also does look funny seeing him with someone else. They always look great together and the friendship and chemistry they have is so rare.


is it just me or does his hair look a little gray in the picture of the bottom left?


Its really wierd to see him with someone else. I like him better with Ellen too. Wish she could have played the movie with him, that would have been really good! He probably wishes it was Ellen too, since they are such good friends and have the chemistry that they have with each other!
I'm sure the movie will be good since PD is the main star!
The wedding pics of Ellen and Patrick together from the season finale shoot were good. He is so attentive to her. Helping her down the Church steps, opening doors, etc. These shots were taken of them between breaks of filming. He is just a perfect gentleman! What a great couple!


i kind of like PD with only EP. I am carzy i


I hardly recognize him he looks different but still McDreamy.


Ellen is Ellen (E/P are perfect) but Michelle (brunette girl) is cute.

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