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The Insider is proud to unveil its new Greys' Anatomy video section! Now, we're calling upon you, our readers, to help us fill it with the very best clips from the world of Seattle Grace.

From music videos to fan-made montages to actual clips from episodes, we're looking to make this video section a useful, fun library for fans of the show.

Leave us a comment on this post with a link to your favorite Greys Anatomy video on YouTube. We'll review it and add it to our site here.

Here's a funny one for right now - a clip from "Tell Me Sweet Little Lies" in which Cristina owns the boys in a hot dog eating contest...


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Sorry.....Lets try that link again.


Another great video of Mer/Der. How I miss those days!


Sometimes the music video's help cope with whats going on in the show!! Enjoy this video!


I completely agree, Dixie. Watching videos like this do nothing but depress me! So I haven't watched any of them.


And they've been taking fan suggestions and putting them in their own gallery / index which is great: http://www.greysanatomyinsider...


You know the worst thing about seeing these seeing how GOOD GA can be...seeing the chemistry between the cast and the incredible moments they've created over the last couple of years.... then feeling like all that is gone. I really worry that Shonda & co. can't bring back the magic. The last few episodes had just a few of those magic GA moments....I'm so afraid that Shonda has lost it... but thanks to everyone for listing the videos...there are some incredible ones there!


Sorry about my last one! Here's the RIGHT URL:


I love all of the videos. Here are my favorites: This is the Brandi Carlile version from the episode: Every moment counts. This one is Chasing Cars: And this one is the Mer/Der elevator moment from the first episode (I think it's from the first one.):


This is actually my music video that I worked on for a couple of months. I finally got it up on youtube, so I'm glad you guys are interested in seeing it here too! It's Izzie and Denny!


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