Deadliest Catch Quotes: The Captains Speak

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It was the end of crab season on last night's Deadliest Catch. That's a busy time for our favorite ship captains.

But every week of this exciting reality TV show is a busy time for these marine experts to entertain viewers with insightful - or hilarious - quotes. Here are a few from season three:

  • Episode 4: Cheating Death
    Sig Hansen of the Northwestern: "Robots are good. Robots don't think. Robots are used to repetition. Robots don't complain. Robots are little zombies."
  • Episode 3: Pain and Paybacks
    Crab SeasonKeith of the Wizard: "It only takes one bad wave to ruin your day."
  • Episode 2: The Unforgiving Sea
    Phil of the Cornelia Marie: "This ain't a hamburger stand out here, y'know? This is the real deal and people really die."
  • Episode 1: A Tragic Beginning
    Blake of the Maverick: "It's a crab boat. It's not a democracy. There's one guy in charge and now I'm that guy."
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