Toastee Toof Exposed: Sex Tape from Flavor of Love Girl on the Way

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Toastee Exposed
We're not sure whether or not Naomi Lay, of Great Britain's The Apprentice, has made a sex tape.

But there's no doubt you'll be able to see Jennifer Toof (aka Toastee Toof) nude and performing sexual acts in the near future.

The Flavor of Love 2 is coming out with a sex tape called Toastee Exposed on May 16. And let's just say that this gal isn't shy.

Toastee's talents - which include the ability to perform the full splits in one jaw-dropping scene - will be on explicit display in the movie, the latest discovery from Vivid Entertainment.

She's described by Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch as "cute, energetic, and a talented contortionist," and it's clear from the 40-minute video, says Hirsch, that her "enthusiasm for sex is obvious."

Toof got the boot from VH1's Flavor of Love 2 after her career on film, including nude modeling while a psych major at Northeastern and some harder-core entertainment, was revealed.

She also got voted off Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School this past week.

In one old film, Toof had a fetish for clamping craniums between her thighs - hence the "Natalia the Scissor Vixen" stage name. Below is a still shot of the wanna-be porn star from the upcoming video:

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stupid bitch porny hoe