Bret Michaels Prepares for Rock of Love

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If Flavor Flav can try to find love on television, it's only natural that former Poison lead singer Bret Michaels would try to do the same.

Here's how VH-1 describes his show, Rock of Love, which premieres July 15:

Rock's about to get a dose of reality…TV. This summer Poison's Bret Michaels will get his Flav on as the ladies pictured here vie for his attention in the Celebreality elimination-based dating show Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

Rock of Love Image

"We knew women vying to date a rock star would make great entertainment but Bret brought outrageousness and excitement to the show that exceeded our wildest expectations," said show executive producers Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego. "From motorbike wrecks to Vegas rock concerts, it's a show where you can't miss a single moment."

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I watched the show sunday night. I wish I was one of those girls!!! Some of them just do not realize how lucky they are to get the opportunity to meet and spend time with Bret. I have met Bret once and he is an awesome person!! He could do so much better than those girls!


I loooooooove Brett Michaels! None of those nasty girls are good enough for that fine man! See you in St. Louis 8/2/2007!


What the Hell?! Ain't going to find true love here.


I watched the first show and was disappointed, Don't get me wrong, Bret seems like he is smart and down to earth, but I was hoping he wasn't so shallow. Do any of these girls have real tits? Why would he want a girl with no brain? If Bret is looking for love, he isn't going to find it here. These are just girls gone wild looking for a sugar daddy! You can get this from any party girl backstage! If I were Bret I wouldn't let these women around my children. I saw the casting call on VH-1 and none of them seem like they could ever be in a long term relationship. Nasty and immature. My husband and I love Poison and Bret Michels and have been to a couple of their concerts in the past in Cincinnati-GO BENGALS! We have been married for 25 years, and we have a great time together, that's true love. Could you really trust any of these women you picked? I see right through them. You have some great music Bret but it looks to me like these women are too young and are LOOKING FOR NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME! If your looking to settle down and have a good role model for your daughters, find someone your own age with some morals and values. Good luck to ya, your going to need it.


I watched the first show and I don't get it, this is a pretty good looking guy, who can get pretty much any girl he wants, why does he need to do this and the girls oh my god, especially that Tiffany (I think thats her name the one who got drunk) she is pathetic, why they put her back on and then he kept her, well I just think thats just a way to get people to keep watching, here is a over the hill rocker to has to reduce him self to this I just don't get it, is his career that much in the toilet? Anyway I spoke my mind, and like I said I don't get it.


man i jus watched your show on vhi and i am southern bell redneck from hell lol i could win ur love over any those crazy bitches could ride the bull drink the beer n hold my shit n my ground but damn u so sexy only thing wouldnt do is have ur name tattoed on me id have something else but ur name dont belive in havin men name tatted on ya i got my girls names tatted on me but that it love ya man n u sexy as hell if u ever want a real wild southern girl come my way down in georgia i take ya for a ride through mud n woods n anything ya want i turn ontop of ya like a bottle top ya like me love ya man


Dear VH1:
Thank you so much for a very entertaining show. I've enjoyed it a lot and I can't wait to see the next episode.
My name is Martha Orgado. I am 46 years old. I have almost three grandchildren from my only one son who is 31 and also a great musician who loves rock, Heavy Metal music and of course the band "Poison".
I am a faithful watcher of VH1 Calssic TV channel. The main reason why i decide to watch this show wasn't because Bret Michels at the very beginin.
Whie watching my favorite rock videos, I saw the previews and I got interested in the content.
To me a real musician is a giver who shares his or her dreams and fantasies and realities by puting them in a song.
These amazing artists and poets devote big part of their lives writing music trying to touch the hearts of people with their lirics and musical notes.
I like reality shows, but if I am going to watch a reality show, I would prefer to watch a show like this in wich rock music, sexy situations, fun and love is involved, than Fear factor, survivor or the girls next door, a simple life, etc.
Regarding Bret Michaels, I did not know anything about him until I began watching the show.
He is the dream for many women. He is a real musician, sexy, smart and very interesting.
I totally believe that he is a total gentleman.
I have known few musicians along my life and I kind of understand him.
I trully wish from my heart the he finds a good woman who makes him happy and allows him been the wonderful musician and poet he has been until now. Also I wish to him lots of success in all the other aspects in his life including of course his beloved family. Thank you again.
Martha Orgado


I am really disappointed in Bret. I know he can do much better than any of those women. I've met him a few times. Whenever he plays in Ohio I love to grab his legs and ass while he's on stage if I can. He is very interresting to talk to! Very smart. He has been in my heart for 20 years!


Just finished watching the show.. I'm hooked.. I absolutely LOVE Bret Michaels.. Cant wait till the next show. I really think he'll find his one true love..( lucky lady) cant wait till next weeks show.. Good Luck Bret.. Love you


i want to be one of those women!!