Isaiah Washington to Appear on Larry King; Gives Revealing Interview to Gay Blogger

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Isaiah Washington Strikes Back
That's right, even more news about Isaiah Washington.

It's not that we wish to continue discussing the firing of Isaiah Washington ad nauseam. But new developments continue to arise, and the drama seems to be becoming stranger by the day.

That said, what we try to do is present all the facts we come across, as they are presented to us, and let readers decide for themselves.

Michael Ausiello from TV Guide reports that the former Grey's Anatomy star will sit down for a discussion with Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday, July 2.

This will be the actor's first TV interview since being fired. In an attempt to tell his side of the story, expect the interview to cover the incidents with T.R. Knight and Patrick Dempsey, the Golden Globes, the PSA, his firing, a potential law suit against ABC, and the media frenzy.

Isaiah Washington now claims that Patrick Dempsey agrees with the fact that T.R. Knight should have been fired. In a recent interview with gay rights activist/BET host Keith Boykin, the actor said:

"I know Patrick Dempsey has supported me by stating that if there is anyone that needs to be fired, it is T.R. Knight, because he has created such a negative environment on the set."

Follow this link to read Boykin's interview with Washington. Then come back and tell us what you think about his remarks.

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when did they say that tr wasnt there on the set? and he said, on the ellen show, that isaiah reffered to him as a faggot and everyone heard it, and the way he said it, it just doesnt seem like a lie to me, honestly who would you be inclined to believe more at this point from watching interviews with both men, tr knight or isaiah washington, and i heard that this wasnt the first time isaiah has gotten in trouble, something happened onset of something he did years ago


I can't wait for the Larry King interview, hopefully, it will shed more light on the subject because he is in person rather than written words. I know people who have worked with Washington and think he is an upstanding man. GLAAD members have come out and totally supported Washington. One member even said Washington has done more for the gay community than Knight ever has. Knight has been lieing since the beginning. Knight was a struggling actor before Grey's and best believe he will do anything to keep and further his career - even if it means double crossing someone over. Heigl's career was pretty much crap before Grey's too (in Roswell she was horrible!!). I do think Heigl has proven herself (now) to be a good actress but her mouthing off was a media stunt too. The media will print anything that makes people watch their program or buy their print copies. Grey's cast members are not coming out because ABC will sue them. Morgan came out because he has no ties to ABC. ABC has a LONG history of being racist (they have fired over 5 black actors in the last two years for no "real" "ABC has no comment"). CBS, FOX, FX, and NBC are fighting to sign Washington into contracts. Washington has two future films coming out. Grey's season 3 was BS in my eyes. I can think of maybe a handful of good scenes that stick out (izzie in the hallway and denny looking at her from beyond, burke's vows, the whole thanksgiving day episode). That's sad....because season 2 and 1 were AMAZING. Season 3's ferry arc was beyond stupid. Grey and McDreamy will they/won't they story line is beyond flatlined-already in the ground buried-8 years later old. Not to mention its a total rip off from Ross and Rachael but at least even them wouldn't break up every other episode (they'd more like break up every other season so they wouldn't piss off their fans). Grey's is crashing, which sucks, because that show could have been something amazing. Washington is lucky to get out while he can....then again Grey's could have been brought back to life if Washington was still in it! Oh and Dottir, I know you are not in PR because you have clearly demonstrated you do not know anything about it. I also did not say you cannot comment on Grey's. I said you shouldn't comment on PR since you know nothing about it. But as usual, you jumped to conclusions about what someone said. Dottir has clearly demonstrated how things can be twisted...kind of like the whole Washington situation.


Christina Obvouisly your white, the n word, and nappy head hoes is spoken by whte americans with no big hoop dee doo, white american has done so long you all think nothing of it!!!!




Ok first thing, if T.R., Patrick or any other cast member had called Isiah the n-wrod, there would have been no hesitation in firing them to keep them from saying in front of a national audience at the Golden Globes. Obvouisly he deserved to be fired, and he is as stubborn as all the reports say he is, because he just won't drop it.


Yes I saw TR on Ellen and he said flat out, "I walked onto the set and heard Isaiah use the f* word to Patrick." But BOTH ISAIAH AND PATRICK HAVE SAID THAT TR WAS NOT ON THE SET THAT DAY!!!! so, personally, i think i am starting to believe Isaiah side of the story more than TR's.


Right on Nicola ! To Sabrina, not only have you proven that you don't need good judgment to work in PR but it also seems to make you presumptious. How in the world do you know where I work ?
You don't get to decide who can comment. Whether or not I work in PR, I say IW is a flaming idiot and he should keep quiet!


Ok dumb question what is TWOP?


I can't find PD's comments on TWOP - am I blind?!!


Yeah, I thought it was weird that Isaiah mentioned Patrick, but who knows?? Maybe Patrick gave him the ok?! We don't know, so we can't judge! And Isaiah is the only one talking because he's no longer "loyal" to ABC. Patrick and TR still do, and that's probably why we don't hear much of their story!!


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