Izzie Does it, Take Four: Katherine Heigl Officially Signed For Next Season

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Jumping on a board a train that already includes T.R. Knight, Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl has been invited back for Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy.

A day after ABC Television Studio opted to not renew Isaiah Washington's contract, thereby ending Dr. Preston Burke's tenure at Seattle Grace, Katherine Heigl received word that Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens was still wanted, the actress' rep confirms.

"Katherine Heigl has received a formal pick-up notice and is still hopeful that ABC will show her the same respect that they have shown for her co-stars," her publicist said in a statement obtained by E! Online.

Katherine Heigl is the last of the Golden Globe-winning drama's major stars to be reupped, a few months removed from pulling the plug on contract talks back in February after not getting a raise that would have put her on the same level with co-stars Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh, who get about $200,000 per episode and a percentage of the show's profits.

Although ABC maintained throughout that the 28-year-old actress, a Golden Globe nominee for supporting actress in January, was "an integral part of Grey's Anatomy and its success," Katherine Heigl admitted she was upset the contract disagreement was leaked to the public, and "disappointed that Touchstone felt it necessary to divulge private information."

"I just want to be treated with the same respect they're showing the other actors, and so far they've refused to do that," she told Entertainment Weekly in an interview last month.

So while Heigl waited it out, telling CBS' Early Show just a few weeks ago that she hadn't received her pickup letter yet, she focused on her future.

The star inked a deal with Coty Inc. to be the face of Nautica's first fragrance for women, and signed on to star in the bridesmaid comedy 27 Dresses, which is currently filming in New York.

Meanwhile, the Judd Apatow-directed Knocked Up is getting great critical feedback, banking major money at the box office â€" $46.2 million after less than a week in theaters â€" and earning Heigl many accolades as well as comparisons to Meg Ryan and other queens of romantic comedy.

But the best news is for George and Izzie fans, who, with Heigl and T.R. Knight back, get to see the fallout from Izzie's season finale plea to George. Callie O'Malley be darned, I am in love with you, George!

Production on the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy is expected to kick off later this summer. With Katherine Heigl and a terrific band of co-stars back, we're already anticipating the new campaign!

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Don't care for her character on the show and have no desire to see her movie. She's an attention seeker.


I was kinda hoping she wasn't coming back. I'm sure it's only half her performance and half the writing, but I can't stand her character anymore.
Rather have IW's character than the Izzie character. She's a caricature.


Curious...naw I'm not IW's relative. I'm the other point of view...everyone is fed the KH spin and all I am saying is she's not all that and I give my reasons why. Everyone tries to hype her up but in comparison to others' accomplishments she really isn't that great and I'm saying before you believe all the hype...here is the other side.


Esther are u by any chance related to IW? becos u are taking this on a personal level. LOL!! lighting up girl, life is too short!


OMG! Esther u really are a very bitter person. Ok so Katie has a big mouth, so what? some people just love talking and Katie is one of them. I am not even a fan of KH's at all, but i dont go on and on about what she did wrong. So u can either stop reading any article of KH's or just read and dont write.


Puhleeeezzzee...when they hung IW out to dry it kept her in line she had no choice but to sign they were telling her what they were going to do with her if she made anymore trouble with the big mouth. Meg Ryan...queens of comedy...comparisons...OMG...on the last page and the last name of a never ending list of GREAT comedic actresses...she doesn't come close. Where the life expectancy of a blockbuster is two weeks for profit from total investment, $42.6 million after the first week is very very weak. Specially since Spiderman made that in a weekend. LOL!!! Come on tell it like it is...she stinks. The movie is so so...Shrek the 3 made that in one day. Look at the results of Something About Mary which is what they were trying to come up with and indie film making it good. Even My Big Fat Greek Wedding did so much better with Nia Vardalos.


Of cos she is important, every character is important in his or her own way, now if ABC can just rectify their mistake and bring back Burke"s character and if only Shonda can find a way to burn down the lexie character in the first epi, season 4 will be just perfect!


Great let's have a party, Izzie's will be back next season but I don't think she deserves as much as Sandra, Ellen or Patrick. She's not like "that" important. At least from what fans on other message boards are saying.


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