Katherine Heigl Endorses New Scrubs Line

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Celebrities have been known to pitch everything from makeup to clothing to beverages. But Katherine Heigl is trying her hand at something unheard of - yet makes perfect sense.

She's endorsing a line of scrubs!

The Grey's Anatomy star, who we've come to love as Dr. Isobel Stevens, recently signed a deal with Peaches Uniforms for the new Katherine Heigl Collection of medical uniforms, including four looks meant to reflect the personality of Heigl's on-screen alter ego.

The Katherine Heigl Scrubs Collection

Kudos to Katherine on her deal. While we don't expect all surgical interns to look like Izzie Stevens does in scrubs, at least they can model the style!

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I still love Katie's character but Katie herself is starting to concern me. I think she's starting to get to big for her britches. I mean come on the girl's all wear the same thing. It's now becoming the Katherine Heigl collection. Im really surprised the higher ups are not complaing about some kind of copyright infringment. But than let's see she did'nt sign her contract until after Isaiah was fired. Imagine that sorry I know Im being mean but that seem's to be the going thing these day's.


the more you tie yourself to things other than acting, the less credible you become as an actor. she's becoming a "celebrity"--that's the difference.


BIG deal. I am tried of seeing her face as well.


You people are ridiculous. Anyway it's kind of a strange idea, but whatever.


I think it's a cute idea that she's endorsing scrubs! And *honestly*, just lighten up! Who gives a crap about how much she's exposing herself! Just let her be! She's like any other young star in hollywood i don't think any of us would handle it much differently.


lighten up


Ok so i am not a Katie's fan but you guys please give her a break. She is young and beautiful and enjoying her life and the media attention, that doesnt make her an attention seeker. I will have to admit the rest of the cast members like PD, EP, SO and JC are older and wiser even in the way they do and approach things. I am sure Katie too will come to be that in a few years but along the way everyone makes mistakes and take the wrong choice.


i am also very sick of her. i used to like her, when she was quiet like the other actors, but seriously she thinks that shes the shit and its getting pretty annoying


: | and katherine heigl finds a new way to keep herself in the "news" i didn't care about all of the interviews she was doing, or the movies she was starring in. i actually didn't like it when people said she was full of herself, i thought "who cares, she's doing something besides Grey's and getting herself out there". i even didn't care about the whole thing about her workout schedule and her meals. but seriously, endorsing shit...now i'm tired. get over yourself katherine


I agree, I'm tired of seeing her face too! Plus, it's not really an "Izzie"-style! All the others wear longsleeves under their scrubs too! Maybe she was the only one of the girls who wanted to do this and everyone else simply had something better to do!


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