Katherine Heigl Sets Wedding Date

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Katherine Heigl and her fiancé, musician Josh Kelley, have set an official wedding date, making official Katherine's desire for a holiday wedding.

The Grey's Anatomy star will exchange vows on Sunday, December 23, two days before Christmas. Part of the reason for choosing this date comes was the fact that Katherine will be on a break from filming Grey's Anatomy.

But mostly, Katherine Heigl has expressed a desire to have her wedding at a time when people are already feeling festive and happy.

Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl

Katherine is the first of three engaged Grey's Anatomy actresses - Ellen Pompeo and Kate Walsh are the others - to set a wedding date.

Congratulations again to Katherine and Josh. We'll save the date, we can promise you that - no need to send us a card or reminder.

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This show is almost over and as this racist cunts body starts to bloat with age her career is done.
After My Father The Hero she should have taken hairdressing lessons.


I love Katherine Heigl ...her incredible beauty and her amazing acting ability.
She is happy with this man so i am happy for her but she can do better.
That is all i am saying.


I'm so happy for them, they look sooooo cute, love them lol


We'll see. (lol)


k, HoldTheElevator, is so right! i myself love katherine and am so happy for her! but whoever doesn't, just leave your stupid comments to yourselves and instead of criticizing everyting she does, just ignore it!! it not her fault everyone's talking about her. so congrats to both of you guys!!


They look so cute together! Congrats to both!


Do y'all honestly think that she asked people to post the date on the website? I guarantee you that if Ellen Pompeo or Kate Walsh told their wedding date that it would be here too! So just get over it already... congrats, katherine!
I think they look adorable together!


Katherineheiglfan4life if you don't like it don't read it. There is something positive and negative posted about everyone of the GA cast. I believe they call that freedom of speech. Nobody said anything about hating her some people are just tired of seeing her every other day for petty stuff we already know.


No we don't need to know this!! It is all part of her tactic to stay in the limelight. Me, Myself and I. She is the only GA member that is talked about every other day!!!!




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