T.R. Knight to Return For Season 4, Isaiah Washington Likely Back as Well

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Captain Passive
While the Grey's Anatomy season finale left fans with lots of questions, at least one lingering mystery appears to have been solved.

T.R. Knight, a.k.a. the lovable George O'Malley, is expected to return as a series regular, Entertainment Weekly reports this morning.

Speculation has been swirling about his departure from Seattle Grace â€" not only because of what happened in the finale (George didn't pass his intern exam) but because of two incidents earlier this season with his co-star, Isaiah Washington, who referred to Knight using a homophobic slur.

According to one insider close to the negotiation, T.R. Knight has agreed to a new contract that will boost his per-episode salary to roughly $125,000 and give him a small piece of the show profits (pay hikes and profit points were also granted to many of Knight's co-stars, including Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, and Sandra Oh).

Still up in the air, however, is the fate of Washington, whose character, Preston Burke, appeared to flee Seattle in the finale.

That said, the same insider hints that Isaiah Washington will be back as a series regular (although possibly without the same boost in pay).

"A cliffhanger is meant to keep the audience in anticipation and intrigue until fall," demurred an inside source at ABC Television Studios, which produces Grey's Anatomy for ABC.

Washington's publicist also declined comment. Meanwhile, TV Guide reports that a final decision involving Isaiah's contract status and his return to the series is expected within the next week or so.

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I Love Preston Burke. Bring him back. And I love burke/yang relationship. They are stable dan funny


I do not like TR Knight. He got a big salary increase, and Washington was fired!!! I think Washington's release was unfair, and unnecessary. I do not believe he was referrign to TR Knight's sexual preference, but rather his weak character. I guess it was a poor choice of words, perhaps he should have said, I'm not a punk like TR. There!! Isn't that a politically correct word? cst799


hi.. im from PHILIPPINES.. guys i just love watching your tv series... i love dr. burke. so please bring him back... GA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT HIM.. AND its not the same GA when the cast is incomplete.. so to the producer of GA please bring back DR. BURKE and DON'T EVER EVER LET GA INCOMPLETE....PLEASE... ITS LIKE GA IS NOT GA ANYMORE WITHOUT DR. BURKE AND WITHOUT O'MALLEY....


I hate the fact that Burke is leaving Grey's! Though I just started watchin durin Season 3, him and Christina were my basic reason for watchin just to see what they would do next! I hated the George and Izzy thing, she needs to move on or move out!


did somebody know, when season 4 will start in germany?


It's extremely unfortunate that Isaiah Washington and Kate Walsh (wish her the best on her new show). He is the primary reason I watched GA; so sharp, so easy on the eyes. And she was refreshing with comical relief.
George (TR Knight) who is a terrible actor and certainly has no sex appeal is really returning is beyond understanding.
Although I have not missed one episode of GA since it first aired, I am truly saddened with the departure of Dr. Burke. However, as long as Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) remains, I will stick it out for another season. Good Luck next season.


As much as this depresses me to say this, Isaiah Washington isn't coming back. He was the best on GA, and I honestly watched it because of him and Cristina!


im so happy... i thourght that was it(3 season) and today i learned about a new one... so exited.


Personally, I think that if it was decided to fire Isaiah Washington who I think was the best actor in this show- then it makes no sense to cast T.R. Knight in romantic roles.Find him a male lover and make a guy community happy.
It was a good show and it was unnecessary to play with all this issues in public and fire somebody just because someone doe not approve of gay or mix race relationships. I guess this does say a lot about freedom of speech in United states.
This is just a show and not even an intelligent one.
I am done with watching it.


i really really hope that IW is coming back, really
He's a good actor indeed
I like to see him with Cristina
So, please come back for goodness sake
no one is gonna leave, or GA will not be GA anymore


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