Chyler Leigh Promoted to Cast Member

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TV Guide reports today that the Grey's Anatomy brain trust has officially promoted Chyler Leigh (a.k.a. Mer's half-sister, Lexie Grey) to a series regular.

An ABC Studios rep confirmed the move, stating that Chyler Leigh is signed for at least 13 episodes at the present time.

The news confirms our story from last week about Leigh possibly joining the cast.

It also comes in spite of a report that Grey's test audiences chewed up and spit out the Lexie character during a recent focus group.

Her flirtation with Derek Shepherd - one of only two scenes featuring Lexie Grey thus far - didn't help.

In any case, Chyler Leigh appears to be here to stay.

In related news, the spin-off, Private Practice, also added a new star in KaDee Strickland (The Wedding Bells) to play the administrator of Oceanside Wellness Center. She too will be a series regular.

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oh and hi Debs its been a while how are you? that was fast, i mean with you googling for information on lexie and all, anyway talk to you soon.


Dear shonda, i have to tell you right now you are not in so many people's good book and just in case you havent noticed yet, majority of your viewers are either half in love with Patrick dempsey or are already are. My point is if you dare let something happen btw him and lexie, the audience are not only going to stop watching but you will forever destroy that mcdreamy image you have created and thereby hating patrick dempsey in the process.




my opinion - everyone carrying on negatively about the Lexi factor is about a potential relationship with Derek - not only would that plot line put him in a profoundly dislikable situation - it raises moral compass questions that move Grey's away from the it's appeal. Not unlike making George & Izzie lovers which was a strange diection to move into.
Can GA writers please go back to good writing and drop these faux plot twists they appear to be using. I'm out until I read in the press/web this got fixed this fall. I don't usually write in these forums but in this instance just want to express my concern for the direction of the series in 2007. I was a big fan. Grey's in Season 1, Season 2 and first half of Season 3 was well written plus charming, challenging, well produced, and well cast. What happened???


Does 13 episodes constitute being a regular. I was also wondering if Shonda expects her to grow on us. I think it would take something major to do that like putting her in a coma for about 11 of the 13 episodes.


I just gooled McBarSlut & She was born on the 10th of April 1982 THAT MAKS HER 25 WHITCH MAKES HER YOUNGER THAN ME. NOW I SERIOUSLY HATE THE BITCH EVEN MORE. Meredith can´t let her get her claws in to Derek SERIOUSLY. By the way i´m 26


Somebody please help me understand this. Nobodty liked George and Izzy so they drop it. Did I not just read that nobody liked Lexie either and their still wanting to keep her for a long time. I'm asuming that Shonda hopes that we grow to like her as we did Addison. Unless her storyline keeps her away from MerDer I just don't see it happening.


The slutty picture of her that goes with this article makes me hate her even more.


I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


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Richard: Chin up. Put your shoulders back, walk proud, strut a little. Don't lick your wounds: celebrate them. The scars you bear are the signs of a competitor. You're in a lion fight, Stevens. Just because you didn't win doesn't mean you don't know how to roar.