ABC Hopes Grey's Anatomy, Dancing Spin-Offs Deliver

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Would you take a whirl with a spinooff of Dancing With the Stars? What about expanding your Grey's Anatomy universe? ABC sure hopes so.

Dance X will showcase choreographed group dancing rather than pairs. The spinoff will feature Dancing judges Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba, only putting together competing troupes.

Kate Walsh is Bangin'

Dance X extends the Dancing With the Stars brand, said Steve McPherson, the president of ABC Entertainment.

"We've gotten really good response on the show [Dancing With the Stars] from the choreographed dances that we've done," he said.

"They are what they are in real life: choreographers. They have to decide who to take out of their groups. It's this painstaking process, which has a real emotional element to it."

Meanwhile, Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes wanted to focus on Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh, pictured) in a spinoff, Private Practice, because the character "had kind of run her course on Grey's Anatomy."

Grey's Anatomy had "a lot of really difficult, emotional stuff going on for kind of a multitude of characters," McPherson said. "Shonda has certainly listened to some of the stuff that people didn't respond to and has changed accordingly."

The result is Private Practice, which debuts Wednesdays this fall.

Follow this link to watch ABC's early trailer for the new series!

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