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New American Idol Gossip: Jordin Sparks Dating Chris Richardson?

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Is Jordin Sparks dating Chris Richardson?

TMZ reports that the American Idol winner has fallen hard for this Justin Timberlake clone. Previous rumors of Jordin and Blake Lewis as an item are false, but the celebrity gossip site says the 17-year old truly is smitten with C-Rich.

We wonder how Lauren Conrad feels about that.

Jordin and Chris?

Sources on the tour say Sparks' family is trying to keep her mind focused on music. But that's a tall order. Have you seen Chris Richardson?!?

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People are so socks they will definately look dam gud. F**k haters


He needs to seattle down !


Thats no good thats making me mad
he's not dating jordin sparks not any more !


OK so 2 the girl that said Jordin is rude, I'm here 2 tell u SHE IS NOT!!!!!! She's the swetest most down 2 earth girl u cud ever meet.I dnt knw where pple get that she is rude cuz she aint.Pple r just jealous of her and all her achievements. So I'm just tellin u that she is beatiful, sweet and totally down 2 earth.SHE IS NOT RUDE!!


wtf? 5 year difference is NOTHING.
but chris is dating jamie.
and Lisa - that was harsh. You don't know how we look and I'm definitely not uglier than Jordin [tough she's not ugly either]. And I can sing [my band won in a pretty big [more than 1 000 contestants] competition and everyone was good. Ok, I don't think I can sing as good as Jordin but I definitely don't suck. Maybe you do?


Kenzie, what the hell r u on...making this crap up
she's single...but thinks chris brown is cute


I heard her mom cought them makin' out back stage!


if this is true that would be so great coz they would make a great couple and for all those jealous chicks out there u r just mad coz u r not in her position to bad neither one of u can sing and dont look half as good as she does on her bad days and yeah chris may be hot but he should be happy to have such a great girl like jordin


right he is toooooooooooo hot for her anyways!!! plus jordin seems really rude and she thinks everyone is in love with her and everyones NOT!!!!!


uhmm ew.. isnt that illegal? ohh well chris is too hot for her anywayz.