New American Idol Gossip: Jordin Sparks Dating Chris Richardson?

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Is Jordin Sparks dating Chris Richardson?

TMZ reports that the American Idol winner has fallen hard for this Justin Timberlake clone. Previous rumors of Jordin and Blake Lewis as an item are false, but the celebrity gossip site says the 17-year old truly is smitten with C-Rich.

We wonder how Lauren Conrad feels about that.

Jordin and Chris?

Sources on the tour say Sparks' family is trying to keep her mind focused on music. But that's a tall order. Have you seen Chris Richardson?!?

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I think they would be very cute. But it is probably not true that they would date.


maybe she has a crush on him but that doesnt mean anything is going on between them. and the thing about lauren conrad they r just friendz.


I doubt it's true...but I actually hope it is...THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE!!! :) And really, it's not THAT big of an age difference. My sister met her husband when she was 18 and he was 24 and now they're happily married with two kids! So...its possible...but i doubt it...


This is just some rumor some kid made up. You know that, right? Sure, it's not nearly as bad as the rumor of Kelly and Constantine, but face the facts! Jordin is 17. Chris is 22. 5 years apart!


And if Chris really has something goin' on w/ Lauren Conrad, he should stop it already. It's just a waste of time!;b Who is Lauren Conrad anyway!?!XD


Jordin and Chris know how to handle those situations!;) Career and commitment could work, right!?!C=