Shemar Moore: Naked, But Not Gay

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Shemar Moore
Shemar Moore is a former cast member on The Young and The Restless who currently stars on Criminal Minds.

But it was his appearance on a gay beach last week that has raised the profile of this actor. In a way he isn't exactly thrilled about.

After The National Enquirer ran shots of the former star of The Young and the Restless in the buff on a nude in Maui, speculation ran wild around the sexual preference of Moore because, well, it was a homosexual hot spot.

But don't worry, ladies, this actor has no problem with gays. He just simply isn't one of them.

“I went on vacation with two girlfriends of mine who, interestingly enough, got cut out of the pictures,” he said. “We found a nude beach that, as far as I know, was a unisex beach.”

“I had two hot chicks with me who wanted to go skinny dipping… Thank God the water was fairly warm!”

So, we certainly aren't judging Moore, but it's interesting to note just how defensive he seems. Not only does the actor claim he isn't gay, he makes a point of mentioning he was skinny dipping with two chicks - sorry, two hot chicks - when the pic was taken.

You can decide for yourself. But if seeing Shemar Moore naked will help make up your mind, follow that link.

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Shemar moore, you are so fine! I just want to say that i spend alot of money on you right now. If i just knew that you were atleast bi-sexual that would be aweasome!!!!!!!!!! I love u shemar moore you are my idol email me please thanks


I have been a fan of Y&R for over ten years. I have watched other soaps on other channels prior to becoming a Y&R viewer. The others have lost my interest because of reoccuring/redundant stories lines that became too familiar and tiresome. BORING!! Y&R stories lines are continuingly fresh and intriguing. It's no surprise to understand why Y&R
has been the # 1 ranked soap for years. I have been trying to break into the acting world for years!! I would give almost anything to become apart of the cast of the Y&R family.
I wish them continue success. G Malisa J


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See, I only work out so I can eat doughnuts.


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