Shonda Rhimes Reveals Detail of Private Practice Opener

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Responding to questions regarding Grey's Anatomy at the TV Critics Summer Press Tour this week, series creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes was asked a particularly intriguing one about Addison.

"Will Addison make her exit to Los Angeles on Grey's Anatomy or on Private Practice?" asked a reporter.

Breaking her own stringent policy about doling out advance story lines, Shonda Rhimes revealed the answer.

"We will see her tender her resignation to [Richard Webber] in the first episode of Private Practice."

Taye Diggs, Kate Walsh, Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes, Taye Diggs and Kate Walsh answer questions Thursday.

Meanwhile, at the event, Tim Daly said he is thrilled that his previous series, the critically acclaimed but ratings-imparted The Nine, will be returning to TV August 1 - even if the story lines won't be wrapped up.

And as for whether Kate Walsh (Addison) ever thinks of how she went from a guest spot on Grey's Anatomy to her own series?

"Yeah, I do," she muses. "I feel really fortunate. I could never have dreamed this. I don't mean to sound too Pollyanna-ish - I'm not. I'm actually a cynical bastard with a cold, dark heart."

Okay, then. Well, we love Kate Walsh just the same!

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    Yeah I agree, i hope Shonda gives her attention more on Greys cause after all, that was the ORIGINAL show! I'm sorry but I didn't like the episode in Greys that was all about Private Practice. The stroy lines were ridiculous, the characters were fake, and it seemed really corny to me. I will not be watching that show, but I do wish Kate the best cause she is very sweet. But I do hope that Greys stays strong cause, in my opinion, that show is 10x better!


    i think it would be cool if people like alex or... izzy visited addison.... to sort of tie in the shows.


    I'm so glad they made a spinoff. The episodes on Grey's where she went to LA where really funny and I liked those people and I was hoping they would make a spinoff based on those caracters. Yeay!


    Yeah, PP looks great. But they need to have SOME way of getting rid of Addison...Don't they?


    YAY! A caption contest! those are soooo fun, I realllllllly like Kate walsh and Addison so i reallly hope this show will work out, and i "seriously" hope that Grey's Anatomy doesnt go down the drain, becuz its such an amazing show =D


    neither am I itallaboutgrey.I can't wait for PP!!!!!


    mcseriously! they will have have a caption contest! i can't wait for private practice! grey's is getting a little crazy but i'm so happy to start fresh with addie! it looks good i just hope that shonda can find a good balance between grey's and pp and not favor the writting of one over the other!


    I wonder if they will have a caption contest on this website once the show gets started?


    i totaly agree lacey i really hope they dont do that


    I hope they acknowledge Addison is leaving on Grey's Anatomy... I just hope they do not contribute a whole episode of Grey's to Private Practice.