A New Grey's Anatomy Couple?

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Fans of Mer/Der may have hit the jackpot with this latest piece of Grey's Anatomy gossip, courtesy of TV Guide's Michael Ausiello.

Responding to a reader question, in which a Mer/Der lover begs for positive news about her favorite Grey's Anatomy couple, the TV sleuth reports that they may have dodged a bullet regarding Ms. Lexie Grey.

Basically, he hears from sources that Lexie and Derek are not happening â€" at least not at the onset of Season Four. Word around Seattle Grace is that Lexie (Chyler Leigh) develops a new romantic interest... Alex Karev!

That should certainly make things awfully interesting when for Dr. Karev (Justin Chambers), as Jane Doe / Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser) will also be returning to the scene around Episode 4.

Gorgeous Chyler Leigh
It's Justin Time!

Alex Karev and Lexie Grey? Stay tuned!

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what a relief,,,,,god,,i hope der and mer will hook up,,they're match made in heaven!!!!!!


I agree with sara!! Mer's family is so horrible !! leave her alone people!!! She needs her space!!


What the hell is gonna happen when Avia comes back and is all like Alex I love you and he's like oh well I'm with Bright and shinny Lexie gre...merideths half sister.. and she'llbe like what the &@%* !!! NO WAY NOW WAY NO WAY ON Earth can Alex and Lexie get together!!! She can go be all flirty with one of the new interns or Mark!!! NO WAY!!!! Leave alex alone!! he is so so so so so so TAKEN!!!
However I am glad she hasn't put Lexie and Derek together!!! THat is also so wrong!! I hate this Lexie girl!! SHEIS ruining everything!!!


Alex &Rebecca/Avia
NO way can she have a thing with Alex! thatis so so so so wrong in so many ways!! EWW!!!


The beginning of a new season of Grey's Anatomy would not be the same unless there was a Mer/Der situation. I clinging to the hope that somewhere along the season they will reunite and all will be well. Derek should never have mentioned that he met a girl in a bar to Mer, it was test day, her fake mom just died and her father bitch slapped her, then he tells her the highlight of his week was meeting a girl in a bar. Im Dereks biggest fan but that was cruel, so the way i see it she'll be pissed off with him for about five episodes then all will be well in the land of Mer/Der. I dont care who Alex wants, i think Izzie only thinks she loves George because she's looking for a replacement for Denny and will come to this realisation soon enough but either way i dont think the George / Callie thing will work. Looking forward to seeing how Dr. Bailey will cope not being the boss lady anymore. Have no interest in Lexi Grey what-so-ever or the new interns.




wat u 2 staring at


Maybe there 'll be a triangle between Alex-Rebecca-Lexie?
Maybe Lexie will start sth with Alex, and at the moment Lexie wants to move in, Rebecca's back?
So with Lexie moving in, Der-Mer-Lexie will have fights and stuff?
Yeah I've got too much fantasy :p


Lexie should just keep her hands away from Mc dreamy, as for the rest I DON"T CARE. I HATE MER'S FAMILY, THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WITH "NO HEART" They just have to leave MER live her life, they are just pain in the Ass.


I thought Ava was a really boring character, and I hope they don't bring her back for a long time. I loved Alex with Izzy - maybe seeing Lexie around Alex will make Izzy fight for Alex and leave George back as her best friend. That would be a great triangle - Izzy, Alex, and Lexie.

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