A New Grey's Anatomy Couple?

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Fans of Mer/Der may have hit the jackpot with this latest piece of Grey's Anatomy gossip, courtesy of TV Guide's Michael Ausiello.

Responding to a reader question, in which a Mer/Der lover begs for positive news about her favorite Grey's Anatomy couple, the TV sleuth reports that they may have dodged a bullet regarding Ms. Lexie Grey.

Basically, he hears from sources that Lexie and Derek are not happening â€" at least not at the onset of Season Four. Word around Seattle Grace is that Lexie (Chyler Leigh) develops a new romantic interest... Alex Karev!

That should certainly make things awfully interesting when for Dr. Karev (Justin Chambers), as Jane Doe / Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser) will also be returning to the scene around Episode 4.

Gorgeous Chyler Leigh
It's Justin Time!

Alex Karev and Lexie Grey? Stay tuned!

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Thank u God! cuz I m a big ass fan of Mer/Der and she come and mess that up. I don't give a damn if she meredith grey sister or whatever the hell she is to meredith. That Bitch is going Down


I couldn´t be happier if i tryed YAAY MER/DER 4EVER. I couldn´t care less who she gets her McHwore craws into as long as it´s NOT Mer´s McDreamy.


Yes! I knew it would be too easy if Der would start sth with Lexie!
But yeah, Alex deserves a better storyline.. I loved watching Maddex, it's a pity Addie is gone..


@melissam: I agree with your last paragraph..Alex really deserves a better storyline in this season!


I sooooooo called this back in June or July. While everyone was having a cow about her possibly hooking up with Derek and then making personal attacks on the actress herself I said "Wouldn't it be funny if she were to hook up with Alex, Mark or Christina?" Of course I was joking about the Christina part but I was serious about the Alex or Mark hook-up.(I'm sure other people were thinking the same thing too and I'm sure that this is not really going to happen but man can't they just go back to being the smart, funny and quick wit show that they once were) I think that it would be interesting and it was smart on Shonda's part to not have her anywhere near Derek.(unless it's Derek bringing her closer to her sister other than that they should stay away from each other because them together spelles disaster). Fans of Grey's would tear her apart or boycott the show. Either way, I hope Alex gets the best storyline out of all the grey's characters this year. He desevers it because he's been getting the crappy end of the stick lately.(well maybe season 2 gave him a nice storyline but I still want to know more about him). Love ya Justin Chambers, keep on rocking!!!!!!


I don't like it. :(


yeah they are called RUMORS-but would it be so terrible as to put some kind of caution (EX: POSSIBLE SPOILERS) in the title?


Firstly, for everyone flipping out about the 'no spoiler' warning, chill. Who knows if they will actually end up together, these are called rumors-- rumors arent always true. Moving on, HELL YES! That would make my season if they Mer/Der stayed together, they are my favorite couple of all tv at the moment. But, Alex belongs with Ava, he has been there through the hardest time of her life, Lexie just needs to go Mercy West, that is where she belongs.


YES!!! This is awesome!!! Lexie and Derek... not happening! YES!!! Now, I just want to see Meredith and Derek get married and I want to find out what happens with Alex and Ava (Rebecca). But if something does ever happen between Derek and Lexie, I will die. I hate Lexie Grey as it is and knowing that her and Derek will not happen does not change my opinion of her. She should have never asked Derek if she could buy him a drink in the first place.


As long as she stays away from derek i dont care. things are starting to look up. By the way if you dont want to read spoilers why come to this web site. It has spoiler all around it!!!!!!

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