American Idols Live Tour Update: Tickets Not Selling

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Jordin Sparks was the definitive winner of this year's American Idol competition, but her group of competitors might be losers overall.

The American Idols Live tour that lands at Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota on Saturday appears to be limping into town, despite the high-as-ever ratings for the TV show last spring. Ticketmaster's website shows good seats still available in the lower level of the St. Paul arena, including floor seats in the first 20 rows.

On eBay and other online outlets, tickets have been selling for rock-bottom prices for weeks (well before Thursday's bridge collapse in Minneapolis). A pair of seventh-row floor seats sold for $5.25 on eBay (face value: $70 per ticket), and many other pairs are selling for under $10.

I Saw Her Standing There...

Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks please the crowd with a duet.

The American Idol tour makes it a bittersweet week for ticket brokers, who were in the clear to profit on the show after ticket scalping became legal Wednesday in Minnesota.

"This has been the weakest seller so far" of all the Idol tours, said Ticket King co-owner Brian Oberst. "It comes down to who the Idols are, and this year nobody seems to care about them."

Saturday's ticket sales have a long way to go to match the sellout crowd of 16,685 at last year's American Idol show at the X, featuring Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry. The 2004 year with Fantasia was a poor seller, but all other years have drawn over 12,000. Arena reps remained hopeful this one would do the same.

"We fully anticipate this show being as successful as the previous ones," said arena spokesman Peter Johns.

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I am not at all surprised that the tour this year is not selling well... This year had ABSOLUTELY NONE of the true edge-of-your-seat-excitement that Season 5 had, with Taylor Hicks winning... From the beginning, I picked Jordin to win, and guess what? Jordin won. I went to my first - and only - American Idol concert in September, 2006 and ONLY BECAUSE OF TAYLOR HICKS... The concert was fun, but there were 9 opening acts, & Taylor was the main act... I have seen Taylor Hicks in concert 3 times so far, with my 4th time this month, with a probable 5th with Taylor performing at The Big 'E' in MA on 9/30... This will be my SECOND TIME in THREE MONTHS that I will be taking Amtrak JUST TO GO SEE TAYLOR HICKS... I have NEVER been like this with ANYONE in the music industry before, and I am 99.94% positive that I will NEVER be like this for ANYONE ELSE, either. Taylor's audition song was TRULY PROPHETIC, when he sang "A Change Is Gonna Come" and by Jove, that change has arrived, and goes by the name of TAYLOR HICKS!!!


Taylor is the biggest talent I have seen in my lifetime. I never even knew AI had a summer tour until I followed all the shows for Taylor.
And his shadow tour with his own band. Best thing ever. Taylor turned American Idol into the Taylor Hicks show and it will never be the same. And they will never admit it. Just keep pimpin Daughtry for all hes worth and doing what they can to keep Taylor down. Won't work forever.


American Idol and TPTB (the powers that be)will NEVER admit that Taylor was the biggest draw to all last years concerts. Sad state of affairs and speaks volumes. Taylor wins again!!! The farthest he can get from that AI mess the better. It's a shame they are all hypocrites and can't appreciate non cookie cutter talent. The votes for Taylor proves that ...and AI and all the big wigs can't stand it. Taylor is an amazing singer/writer/performer and America got it right!!!


I too only went to The AI tour b/c of Taylor.This year's tour stops tonight in my home of Omaha, NE and we arent'going, but yet we flew to Chicago last year...just b/c of Taylor.I enjoyed all the idols, but w/o Taylor being there, we would not have spent the money.Noone really stood out this year I guess.


To add to my last comment...Clay Aiken was dupped...He was the winner and they played with the votes...Look who is blowing it out at the concerts? CLAY...that's who. When the American public learned HOW to check the voting for acuracy...they could not pull it off on Taylor...GO CLAY...GO TAYLOR!


The whole reason that I went to see the AI concert, was for Taylor Hicks...not Chris Daughtry...he did not even get into the top three! Why is his name in the article as if he came in second? PALEEZE! Katherine was second...and Elliot was not mentioned either...I also enjoyed Kat and Elliot. Chris? No way...took a bathroom break when he started yelling. Why do you not think he was voted OFF? Also, why is it that Daughtry got an advertisement under his name on this article? Someone is being paid off...just like the ole Payola scam for Daughtry right now...his fan base is SMALL or he would be doing larger venues...the PROOF is in the tour...not the FAKE numbers on his CD sales...Clive has been busy buying up all the CDs to make it LOOK like he is selling more...Taylor is playing in a TEN THOUSAND PERSON arena in Florida...Orange Beach...go figure...